Why Are We So Divided Today?

“But you must remember, beloved, the predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; they said to you, ‘In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own

Today, I Found One of the Greatest Treasures of My Life

Sunday (tomorrow) is the Feast of St. Monica. I have my own St. Monica story. Today, my sister – gosh, I love her! – came over to my rectory to

The Heartbeat of Christ – Fr. Z’s First Thoughts on the Pope’s Recent Speech

As I wrote HERE, the recent speech by the Holy Father has been moving through the internet at lightning speed. I said, in that article, “I’m going to let this

3 Things Vatican II Did Not Teach

Pope Francis gave a talk yesterday that is making it’s way around the internet at lightning speed. The common title used by bloggers is “Pope invokes ‘magisterial authority’ to declare

Special Forces Weapons for Spiritual Warfare!!

To all my fellow Special Forces Prayer Warriors, Your Prayers Are Powerful! This is the name (Special Forces) I am using, from now on, to call upon Prayer Warriors when

The American Eclipse, St. Michael’s Lent and Satan’s Last Days

I’m in the camp that believes we are in the last few days of Satan’s 100 year unbinding. That’s why he is throwing everything at us, right now. Have you

Does Jesus leave a loophole for divorce in Matthew 19:9?

Full Question I believe the Bible when it says he who divorces and marries another commits adultery, as we see in Mark 10:1-12 and Luke 16:18. But isn’t Jesus leaving

My Final Thoughts Before We Begin Novena for Our Nation

On the eve of the start of Novena for Our Nation, I’d like to speak to the significance of what we are about to do. Many of us have seen

Join Our Lady’s “Special Forces Believers!!” Novena for Our Nation. Starts Tuesday, August 15

The first Novena for Our Nation was this time last year. We were in the middle of a contentious presidential election, we saw great division inside the Church, ISIS was

Doug Barry’s Call to Our Nation: “The Time is Now for a Call to Arms!”

The U.S. military is full of rough and ready soldiers … among the best in the world. But within the ranks are the “Special Forces” — the most elite warriors