“This is the Town of Self-Deification” by Mark Nowakowski

From Mark Nowakowski … This article tells one part of the Weinstein story. The other and perhaps more important part is this: We shouldn’t be surprised when a privileged sub-culture

My Call as a Priest in 2017

A parishioner clicked off this photo from the choir loft this weekend. Yes, this is a Novus Ordo. We continue to do our best to eliminate anything from the Novus

I Stand with Father Thomas Weinandy & Pope Francis

I humbly admit that I do not have the intellectual capacity, nor the vast and rich scholastic background of Capuchin Father Thomas Weinandy. Maybe this is why I have not felt

Special Forces Prayer Warriors – Enlistment Requirements & Rank

ENLISTMENT REQUIREMENTS “HE MUST INCREASE, I MUST DECREASE!” “But I do think a lot of this stuff that happens through the media is works of darkness, and I really do