Day 49, Novena for Pope Francis – Living a Supernatural Life

DAY 49 – MARY, QUEEN OF PEACE, PRAY FOR US LIVE A SUPERNATURAL LIFE Surveys by Gallup, the National Opinion Research Center, and the Pew Organization conclude that spiritually committed

Vigil of Epiphany: Special Blessing of Water – Men Who Attend Receive “Epiphany Water” in this Cool Flask

Every man who attends receives a very cool stainless steal Holy Water flask filled with “Epiphany Water.”  Friday, January 5 – St. Mary of Pine Bluff I don’t know if any

Nineveh 90 for Life. Starts January 1. Let’s Do This Thing!!!

Nineveh 90 for Life: January 1 to Easter Vigil SIGN UP HERE: JOIN NINEVEH 90 FOR LIFE Whether it’s a Navy SEAL or a Saint, we admire those who put

Day 48, Novena for Pope Francis – King: Shock Troops

DAY 48 – MARY, QUEEN OF THE FAMILY, PRAY FOR US SHOCK TROOPS KING: As Jean-Baptiste Chautard recounts in his book The Soul of the Apostolate, Pope St. Pius X was

Day 47, Novena for Pope Francis – Prophet: Born for Combat

DAY 47 – MARY, QUEEN OF THE MOST HOLY ROSARY, PRAY FOR US BORN FOR COMBAT Prophet: Bishop Robert Barron says, “A prophet is someone who speaks for God. Their

Day 46, Novena for Pope Francis – Priest: Border Walkers

DAY 46 – MARY, QUEEN ASSUMED INTO HEAVEN, PRAY FOR US BORDER WALKERS Priest: Bishop. Robert Barron says, “A priest prays for others, intercedes, and performs sacrifices. Priests are border walkers.

Day 45, Novena for Pope Francis – You Are a Commissioned Officer

DAY 45 – MARY, QUEEN CONCEIVED WITHOUT ORIGINAL SIN, PRAY FOR US YOU ARE A COMMISSIONED OFFICER Admission into Christ’s elite fighting force begins by knowing that by your baptism

Nineveh 90 for Life. 90 Days for Special Forces Warriors to Deal the Last Blow to the Culture of Death

Nineveh 90 for Life: January 1 to Easter Vigil SIGN UP HERE: JOIN NINEVEH 90 FOR LIFE Not too long ago, my bishop appeared on EWTN. Bishop Morlino has been

Day 44, Novena for Pope Francis – “Can’t Quit, Won’t Fail, Put Me in the Fight!”

DAY 44 – MARY, QUEEN OF ALL SAINTS, PRAY FOR US “CAN’T QUIT – WON’T FALL – PUT ME IN THE FIGHT!” The Soldier’s Creed of the United States Army

Fr. Heilman’s Christmas Gift to All Who Attend Christmas Masses

As we prepare for our January 1 start of “Nineveh 90 for Life” (read HERE), I have decided to gift a leather version of my book, 54 Day Basic Training