Doug Barry Coming to St. Mary of Pine Bluff – Friday, March 2

Wisconsin Becoming Battle Ready! If you’re looking to go deeper and grow stronger in your Faith, to know more about your purpose and call to action as a Christian, or

I’m Going In.

This past Saturday, I had the good fortune to join Doug Barry in giving a day of reflection for men. By and large, the day centered around being, as Doug

Guide to the Green Scapular: A Powerful Devotion (of Covert Operations)

We probably all know at least one person who has fallen away from the Catholic faith, whether it be after a tragic event, a pulling away from family and tradition,

The Green Scapulars Arrived!! What’s the Big Deal About the Green Scapular?

The first 10,000 of 20,000 Green Scapulars just arrived. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please read this article, that should clear things up (HERE). In

The Ice Cream Made Me Sick – An Explanation of Lent

Last night, I traveled to a nearby parish to help with a First Confession service, that was also open to all parishioners. It was a beautiful evening, and I took

Be Wise: The Art of Spiritual Warfare in the Pro-life Movement

    I’m chiming in on the current pro-life movement’s victories and setbacks, and how these play into the art of spiritual warfare. First, let’s look at a few of

Matt Walsh to Speak at St. Mary of Pine Bluff – Friday, February 9

On Friday evening, February 9, Matt Walsh will be speaking at St. Mary of Pine Bluff. His topic will be: Satan’s Tactic for Christian America: Don’t Awaken Their Courage! Register

Today is the 20th Anniversary of My Entrance into The Divine Life

For I have learnt for a fact that nothing so effectively obtains, retains and regains grace, as that we should always be found not high-minded before God, but filled with