Why Did Pope Benedict Resign? Dr. Taylor Marshall Connects the Dots

Please take 18 minutes to watch this!! And, please share on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you. Dr Marshall explains the reasons why Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 2013 by showing

Bishop Morlino Statement on Archbishop Vigano and Pope Francis

Statement from Bishop Robert C. Morlino of August 27, 2018, regarding ongoing sexual abuse crisis in the Church (Madison, WI)) In the first place, I would like to affirm my

News of Archbishop Viganò Has Hit the Curia Like an Atomic Bomb

This was reported by my good friend, Fr. Carlos Martins: I just spent the last two hours on the phone with a friend in the Vatican Curia. He said that

Highbrow Bishops Shepherding Their Lowbrow Flock

THE CHICKEN AND THE EGG One day a prairie chicken found an egg and sat on it until it hatched. Although the prairie chicken didn’t know it, the egg was

Root of Catholic Demolition of the Past 50 Years: “Crisis of Holiness”

I have been crying out to anyone who would listen. I wrote about it in my book: Church Militant Field Manual – Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ.

Bishop Morlino Does Not Skirt Issue in Abuse Scandal – “Almost Exclusively Homosexual”

My amazing Bishop Robert Morlino of the Diocese of Madison weighs in on the abuse scandal. No “skirting the issue” here This quote, from Bishop Morlino, is what all of

Stephen Herreid Interviews George Neumayr: Don’t Let Abuse Investigations be Rigged

Stephen talks with veteran Catholic journalist George Neumayr about how the clerical abuse crisis is ALREADY being constricted to the narratives that enabled it in the first place.

It’s High Time Our Bishops Process Our Lady of America into the Basilica in Washington, DC

On September 26, 1956, Our Lady appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem and called her children in America to dedicate their lives to her purity. She said: My child, I entrust

The Catholic Church in this Country is on Fire and Has Been for Decades

Fr. Bill Peckman writes … The Catholic Church in this country is on fire and has been for decades. Did we not see that when people started bolting for the

Novena for Our Nation – St. Michael’s Lent Prayers for Protection and Reparation

Saint Francis of Assisi observed an annual ‘Lent of Saint Michael’, from the Feast of the Assumption of Mary (August 15) to the Feast of Saint Michael The Archangel (September