Fr. Carlos Martins’ Tough Teaching on “7 Ways Men Can Lead & Avoid the Diabolical”

*** VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED *** A new documentary on exorcism and the famed exorcist, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, has been released. Fr. Amorth (deceased September 2016) was the Vatican’s Exorcist in

Saint Patrick’s Lorica Prayer of Protection for Justice Kavanaugh

A large group of witches is meeting in Brooklyn this month to place a curse on Judge Brett Kavanaugh “and upon all rapists and the patriarchy which emboldens, rewards and

God Wants YOU! Enlist in the Grace Force!

The United States Space Force (USSF) is a proposed branch of the United States Armed Forces, which is intended to have control over military operations in outer space. Those who

Spiritual Warfare Campaign in Lead Up to November 6 Elections

Here is the way things are shaking out in the lead up to this monumental election: The forces of evil know they are losing and are in full blown panic

Don’t Go It Alone: Build Your Own Holy Alliance of Saints and Holy Souls

“As we enter heaven we will see them, so many of them coming towards us and thanking us. We will ask who they are, and they will say a poor

New Holy League of Nations Reclaims Surrendered Ground For the Lord!

Venimus, Vidimus, Deus Vicit! We came, We saw, God conquered!   7 October, 2018 – Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary: At last count, 57 nations from around the world

Nations of the World Are Uniting, October 7th, Under the Banner of the New Holy League

USA, October 1, 2018 Rosary Coast to Coast Nations are joining with the US to hold Rosary Rallies across the world, October 7, traditionally the Feast of Our Lady of the

Like a Trusting Child, I Do Believe I have a Guardian Angel, and Mine is Pretty Awesome!

In his scripture reflection for today, Bishop Robert Barron writes, Friends, today we celebrate the feast of our Guardian Angels. Why does God send these spiritual messengers to help us?

Urgent Request From Judge Kavanaugh’s Wife Ashley!

Watch Doug Barry’s beautiful response to the “Urgent Request From Judge Kavanaugh’s Wife, Ashley!” From Doug …Ashley Kavanaugh has an urgent request for Christians. Right now our country is facing