My Dad Loved Me – This is How I Know

My Dad Loved Me – This is How I Know I know my dad loved me because he wanted the greatest good for me. I have so many fond memories

The Return of Baal and the Jezebel Spirit in America

THE RETURN OF BAAL AND THE JEZEBEL SPIRIT IN AMERICA It is uncanny how much this moment in history resembles the conflict between Elijah and Jezebel; between the power of

The Choice is Black & White – I Must Speak Truth to Power!

Spiritual Leaders Must Speak Truth to Power! “There is no path to holiness without some renunciation and without spiritual combat,” Pope Francis said in his September 27, 2020 Angelus address.

Ten Commandments of Secular Progressivism

When considering your vote, consider the Ten Commandments of those seeking to overthrow our country in this election. TEN COMMANDMENTS OF SECULAR PROGRESSIVES Thou shalt not believe in God. Every

Historians Will Write: At that Critical Point – Where Were the Bishops?

Historians will write: AT THAT CRITICAL POINT – WHERE WERE THE BISHOPS? The critical point for our Lord was His arrest in the garden. I contend that the responses of

Fellow Strivers of the World, Unite!

Fellow Strivers of the World, Unite! [ot-video][/ot-video] Sermon Notes: Are you “defined”? Is “who you were” set in granite, so there is no hope of transformation; of renewal; of conversion?

“Soar Like an Eagle” – My Pro-Life Retreat Reflections #2

Soar Like an Eagle One day a prairie chicken found an egg and sat on it until it hatched. Although the prairie chicken didn’t know it, the egg was an eagle egg, abandoned for

It’s High-Time to Ditch the “Hippie Jesus” Image

It’s High-Time to Ditch the “Hippie Jesus” Image One of the ongoing themes I have seen throughout my priesthood is “strong parents” who, while raising their children, were weak, and

“The Gray is Shrinking” – My Pro-Life Retreat Reflections

The Gray is Shrinking Gray area is defined as an area or situation in which it is difficult to judge what is right and what is wrong. Throughout our country’s and

“John the Baptist-Like” Voices Will, Predictably, Be Attacked

In today’s Gospel, Jesus comments on just how quickly popular opinion can change. John the Baptist’s message challenged the “establishment’s” narrative, and his manner and tone (“You brood of vipers!”)