Heavenly Christmas Novena – November 1 to December 24

Heavenly Christmas Novena “As we enter heaven we will see them, so many of them coming towards us and thanking us. We will ask who they are, and they will

Before the Sun Sets on Our Church

BEFORE THE SUN SETS ON OUR CHURCH Something’s coming! I believe that! It has to! We have evacuated our house of the power of God; a sense of transcendence; a

What I Consider Success in My Priesthood

Recently, I was asked, “If you could name three of your greatest successes as a priest, what would they be?” Here’s my answer … Leading Souls to the Divine Life

Sermon for the Funeral Mass of Sr. Jacqueline Tierney

Sermon by Fr. Richard Heilman for the Funeral Mass of Sr. Jacqueline Tierney (Sr. Jacqueline was Fr. Heilman’s grade school principal at the beginnings of St. Maria Goretti parish): I had

The Evangelization I Do – Whenever I Am Out, “I Go Fishing”

The Evangelization I Do I was at Planned Parenthood. Jerry, the security guard, has been in my evangelization crosshairs for a very long time. Step One: I’ve spent a great