A Theologian’s Perspective on the Coming Presidential Election

A Theologian’s Perspective on the Coming Presidential Election

A Theologian’s Perspective on the Coming Presidential Election

(I have been given permission to repost this from a Facebook group called “Caritas in Veritate”)

Theologian writes:

Today I found a post on this page defending the idea that we can be Catholics and vote for Biden because there are other moral issues that are as important as abortion and went on to write about racism, social justice, global warming, inmigration, etc.

I’m a theologian who studied in Rome under the authority of the Vatican during the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI.

Being that the name of the group changed to Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth) I must respond to that post outside of it, in order that the members of the group would be able to read and understand the actual teaching of the Church in everyday language:

Since Scriptures says that we are sinners since our conception, “I was brought forth in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me.” (Psalms 51:5), we know that since the moment of conception babies have a soul, thus are human beings, because without a soul, there can be no sin.

It’s important to note that in the Ancient Hebrew the words, which we read in English as “I was brought forth in iniquity”, come from words in the Hebrew of the original text (chuwl avown), which mean that God knitted us in our mother’s wombs and that the sin/iniquity of which the text speaks was on us.

From these facts, we know that the Bible tells us that from conception babies have a soul made by God and thus, are human beings.

To say that there’s something more important than to save over 900,000 babies from being murdered in the womb of their mothers every year, only in the United States alone, is not only a grotesque lie, but a lie behind which a factual genocide occurs.

In the hierarchy of moral wrongs, no one can say that they are going to support the murdering of almost a million persons a year, in order for immigrants to be able to enter freely into any country, or in order to save trees or whales. This is nothing less than a lie from Satan himself.

As for these kind of posts, which represent lies, the support of ideas which jeopardizes the lives of babies, the support of the idea that God is OK with the murdering of almost a million babies a year, or that their slaughter can be relegated to a lesser degree of importance because there are other things that are more important … Please know that according to the Teachings of the Church and Scriptures, you cannot vote for a pro-abortion politician and that if you do, you become supporters of the murdering of innocent babies. It’s as simple as that.

God bless you all.