With the Aid of the Queen of Heaven

With the Aid of the Queen of Heaven


Majestic Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the Angels,
thou didst receive from God the power
and commission to crush the head of Satan;
wherefore we humbly beseech thee,
send forth the legions of heaven,
that, under thy command,
they may seek out all evil spirits,
engage them everywhere in battle,
curb their insolence,
and hurl them back into the pit of hell.
“Who is like unto God?”

O good and tender Mother,
thou shalt ever be our hope
and the object of our love.

O Mother of God,
send forth the holy Angels to defend me
and drive far from me the cruel foe.

Holy Angels and Archangels,
defend us and keep us.


The following article is from Michael Voris.

It was almost three o’clock in the morning on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, the dead of the night, when the Deplorables struck back and sent the diabolical Party of Death to its final resting place — in complete disarray, a smoking pile of rubble.

The destruction that overwhelmed Team Clinton was not merely confined to the most crooked politician to ever seek the highest office in the land, but to the entire party, which had put all of its eggs in the proverbial basket of Hillary and her demonic agenda.

Consider this startling set of facts following the war of Tuesday’s vote: The Party of Death has lost the White House. The Party of Death has lost the U.S. Senate. The Party of Death has lost the U.S. House. The Party of Death will soon give up its death grip of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Party of Death has been reduced to control of just 15 of 50 of the U.S. governorships — the smallest amount of influence in over a hundred years. The Party of Death has been reduced to leadership of just 31 of 99 state house legislatures — the lowest number ever in U.S. history.

The crushing defeat suffered by the Party of Death was apocalyptic in its vastness. Never in living memory has the Party of Death been so obliterated and made low as it was on this Election Day.

Faithful Catholics nationwide had been praying a 54-day Rosary Novena and then added strict fasting to the spiritual regimen in the week leading up to Election Day, pleading with Heaven to intervene and prevent the election of Hillary.

In many ways, it was literally a “Hail Mary,” last-ditch attempt that would require a miracle. As has been the case throughout history, the Queen of Heaven heard the cries of Her children and provided the miracle.

As richly deserving of punishment the nation is and continues to be, drowning in child murder and immorality, the Divine Wrath was stayed, giving us one final opportunity to evangelize and convert our fellow citizens to the One True Faith. More on this later.

For now, to understand the political miracle we have all been witness to, you have to consider the vastness of the defeat of the Party of Death, especially when you fully grasp the weight of everything the demonic had going in its favor.

A woman who has championed child murder (even in its most gruesome and obvious form, late-term abortion) and a radical feminism that has deeply corroded authentic masculinity and wreaked havoc on the family, who has been supportive of every modern evil, colluded with every government agency imaginable to cover up her serious crimes, sneakily cooperated with the national media to ensure all her secret dealings remain secret, perjured herself repeatedly before Congress, lied to the FBI during questioning, bilked hundreds of millions from foreign governments in a mafia-style, pay-for-play scheme, and exposed national security secrets by her careless and sloppy handling of them, went down to a crushing, near life-ending defeat on Tuesday.

The Clinton Dynasty has at last come to an end in the world of American politics — which is even more stunning when it is taken into account that it appeared so completely dominant just one week prior and prepared to completely ensconce the evil wrought by 40 years of Democratic Party wickedness that had been let loose on the American nation.

Consider — the entire Democratic leadership colluded and cheated to ensure there was no opposition to her coronation as Democratic nominee, dispatching Bernie Sanders, even in the face of a populist uprising within their own ranks.

Consider further — and this cannot be overstated — the Luciferian media (a term coined by Servant Of God Fr. John Hardon, S.J.) was the liaison between the Clinton campaign and the electorate. Its mission, as made evident by a flood of WikiLeaks revelations, was to protect and promote Clinton at all costs and be the advance team to obliterate all her populist opposition. Between unethical and sordid secret dinners and cocktail parties (again, revealed by WikiLeaks) — where the crème de la crème of the national news conspired and hobnobbed with top Clinton staffers — and the laying of plans for her eventual victory, what happened in the end was all their sins coming to light. The reputation of the national news media is now so debased it is extremely difficult that they could ever be trusted again with anything.

Also worth considering is the unabashed bias of the electoral class: the pollsters, the pundits, the prognosticators, the entire so-called professional class (which holds itself in extremely high regard). Whenever a “blip” occurred in the polling, it was either dismissed or read in the most favorable light in favor of the Clinton camp, all in an effort to “psych out” and depress Trump support. The margin of error was always seen in terms of hiding a much larger victory for Clinton, as opposed to a peasant revolt secretly hiding just beneath the surface.

Indeed, on Fox News’ election preview just the day before, three of the four “professionals” predicted a Clinton win, with token liberal Juan Williams predicting that Clinton’s electoral college victory would be starting anywhere from 290 and going as high as well into the 300s. There was little pushback from the other “professionals” as he rolled out his ridiculous prediction — ridiculous because it was based on pure bad longing and fantasy.

As he stumped around the country in the last two weeks before election day, President-Elect Donald Trump continued pounding on the theme of a “rigged election,” meaning the outcome was manufactured by a cabal of lying, cheating, filthy rich individuals and organizations that had joined forces to put the finishing touches on their marxist-socialist, globalist agenda, which would leave no room for God and promised marginalization and persecution for believers — Catholics in particular.

And he was right. The fact that they were not successful does not mean they did not try. Even now, that same overarching force is doing what it can to delegitimize the historic routing it has suffered by creating a fake and phony “grassroots” street revolt against Trump in major cities across America.

And here, writ large, is where Heaven’s intervention can best be detected. There has been for decades a great spiritual clash being prepared for, just behind the scenes, almost out of view except for the most vigilant. Two giant spiritual armies, one led by Satan and the other by the Woman. It has been a battle that has already claimed many, many souls. The diabolical side was given the appropriate designation the “Culture of Death” by New York Cardinal John O’Connor in the 1980s and was popularized by Pope St. John Paul II during his pontificate.

O’Connor’s appellation was perfectly suited for the forces that were aligning. The forces included an extremely powerful cabal of individuals with vast financial wealth and power who could use democratic forms of government around the world to advance their worldview — a diabolical vision of mankind where God would be excluded and the inherent dignity of man made in the image of likeness of God debased.

These men and their organizations permeated every area of institutional control: politics, law, education, media, news information, even religion. Their work has been carried out in a very subtle fashion, advancing as fast as possible, but being careful to never advance too fast so as not to reveal their overall sinister plan: the destruction of the family and thereby the destabilization of Christian culture itself, which it has been largely successful in achieving.

But just as the Culture of Death stood on the brink of complete, sweeping and total success, the Queen of Heaven reared up and scattered Her foes. She had done this before at Lepanto in the 16th century as Muslim forces stood poised to destroy the Church in Europe as they had in the Middle East and Africa centuries earlier. What Heaven has granted the Church Militant is the opportunity to now roll back the tremendous gains made by the Kingdom of Satan and his Culture of Death.

To be certain, the diabolical has been working centuries to prepare for this moment and stood within millimeters of finally seizing the brass ring. But the Queen of Heaven appealed to Her Divine Son and said, “They have no wine” — and Heaven responded to Satan, “This far and no farther.”

The serpent has been sent reeling, but he shall not remain such for long. His plans completely undone and the evil of his “offspring” unmasked, he will now set about a different path to strike at the Church, for that is his sole goal: the destruction of Catholicism.

Faithful Catholics who understand the reality of the great spiritual war being played out, as the rest of the world views it as merely politics and polls and punditry and campaigns and coverage and candidates and ideas and moods of the electorate, have the duty now to invest themselves completely and tirelessly in the Great Re-establishment of Catholicism, a massive push for evangelization that must be rooted in proper and authentic Catholic catechesis.

The world fell into the evil it now finds itself in because the Church has failed to fulfill its primary mission of carrying on the work entrusted to it by the Son of God — the salvation of souls. We have been spared, and now the choice is ours: Evangelize or be overwhelmed by an even greater assault from the powers of Hell that will not be so readily overcome by appeal to Heaven, because it will no longer be able to allow us to remain in our indifference to evil.

The sole purpose of this win granted by Our Heavenly Mother is to afford us the opportunity to work more diligently in offering ourselves for the salvation of souls.

Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

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