Announcement! St. Mary of Bluff Begins First Saturday Adoration, Benediction & Devotions

Announcement! St. Mary of Bluff Begins First Saturday Adoration, Benediction & Devotions

I am very pleased to announce that St. Mary of Pine Bluff will begin First Saturday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, along with Benediction and Devotions!

Begins Saturday, May 4, 2019.

At the conclusion of the Saturday morning 8am Traditional Latin Mass, Fr. Heilman will expose the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration will be offered all day, leading up to the 4pm Mass.

Confessions will be offered in church immediately following exposition until finished. Fr. Heilman will also be available most Saturdays throughout the day at his rectory Confessional (across the lawn).

At 3:00 pm – the Hour of Mercy – the Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be prayed. This will be followed by the Holy Rosary. At 3:45 pm, Fr. Heilman will offer Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. So …

First Saturday Adoration, Benediction & Devotions

8:00am – Low Traditional Latin Mass
9:00am (or immediately following Mass) – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Adoration until 4pm

  • Confessions in church (until finished) immediately following Exposition
  • Confessions also throughout the day at Fr. Heilman’s rectory Confessional

3:00pm – Chaplet of Divine Mercy
3:15pm – Holy Rosary
3:45pm – Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
4:00pm – Holy Mass

Sign-up for an Hour of Adoration HERE


Our Lady of Fatima’s Request & Promise

Central to the messages given by the Blessed Virgin Mary during the Fatima apparitions, and then for years afterward to one of the “seers” at Fatima, Lucia, was the urgent need of the faithful to do penance and make reparation for sins committed by humanity against Mary’s Immaculate Heart.  The Mother of God said that if her requests were heeded, many disasters could be avoided.  She also made the promise of divine assistance at the time of death to all the faithful who would make the Five First Saturday Devotion, which Pope St. Pius X had approved in 1904.

To respond in a special way to Our Lady’s request and promise, St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff will offer an explicit and convenient opportunity to help people fulfill the Five First Saturday Devotion specifically requested by the Mother of God.

The conditions for the First Saturday Devotion are:

  1. Confession of sins before or within 20 days of receiving Holy Communion,
  2. Holy Communion within 24 hours of the First Saturday of the month with the conscious intention of making reparation for sins which offend Mary’s Immaculate Heart,
  3. Rosary – recitation of a chaplet (5 decades) of the Holy Rosary with the intention of making reparation for sins,
  4. 15 minutes of meditation on one, some, or all of the Mysteries of the Rosary with the intention of making reparation for sins.

The Five First Saturday Devotion can be undertaken alone or with a group. The conditions for the Devotion are not difficult. Nevertheless, the initiative at St. Mary Pine Bluff is intended to make the undertaking as convenient and explicit as possible for the sake of gaining many graces and answering the unambiguous call for reparation for sins from the Mother of God herself.

Accessible Ways of Gaining a Plenary Indulgence (The Big Four)

By elevating certain prayers and good works to the level of gaining an indulgence, Mother Church is identifying which of these she most highly values and, therefore, which ones she urges us to prioritize. However, we must draw special attention to what I call the “Big Four.” Remarkably, Holy Mother Church has elevated only four activities for which a plenary indulgence can be gained “on any day” (though, as we said, only once a day). Highlighting these four reveals the great esteem in which Mother Church holds them, and, therefore, she urges us to rank these as highest among our daily devotions. The “Big Four” are:

  • Adoring the Blessed Sacrament for at least one half hour
  • Devoutly reading Sacred Scripture for at least one half hour
  • Devoutly performing the Stations of the Cross (only at approved Stations)
  • Reciting the Rosary with member(s) of the family, or in a church, oratory, religious community, or pious association

Requirements for obtaining a plenary indulgence:

  • Do the work while in a state of grace
  • Receive sacramental confession within 20 days of the work (several plenary indulgences may be earned per reception)
  • Receive Eucharistic communion (one plenary indulgence may be earned per reception of Eucharist)
  • Pray for the pope’s intentions (Just state that you are “praying for pope’s intentions,” followed by an Our Father and Hail Mary)
  • Have no attachment to sin (even venial) — i.e., the Christian makes an act of the will to love God and despise sin. This simply means “true resolve” to avoid this sin from now on.

Requirements for a partial indulgence:

  • Do the work while in a state of grace
  • Have the general intention of earning an indulgence

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