Are We Acting from Fear of the Lord? Or, Fear of the Devil?

Are We Acting from Fear of the Lord? Or, Fear of the Devil?


Lent 2021: February 17 to March 28 – 40-Days to Freedom from the Devil

Beginning on Ash Wednesday (February 17), tens of thousands will be joining together for “Let Freedom Ring: A 40-Day Tactical Training for Freedom from the Devil.”

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Why is this “Let Freedom Ring” Lenten Challenge perfectly timed?

It is worth noting that I am announcing this “Let Freedom Ring” Lenten Challenge on the Feast of the Presentation. Those who have read my writings and/or heard me speak, know that this day holds a special significance in my life. On February 2, 1998 (Feast of the Presentation), I attended my first Papal Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. My life changed that day, as I believe I received what I call, “The Gateway Gift of the Holy Spirit: Fear of the Lord.” You can read what I wrote about my special day in 1998 HERE.

The major point in this is that I fell in love with God, in the most profound way, which led me to “be afraid of ever disappointing God in any way.” In that moment, it became hard to sin and easy to do His will.

I draw attention to this, in the context of this announcement about our “Let Freedom Ring Lenten Challenge,” because I believe we have entered a period of time when, for far too many, instead of acting from “Fear of the Lord,” they are acting from “Fear of the devil.” In other words, the devil and his minions are so vicious right now, many are making decisions based on “trying not to anger the devil,” rather than trying to please God.

I have been saying that 2020 was about sounding the alarm bells (from far too few) of Satan’s aggressive desire to take control and, now, 2021 begins an era when Satan, in many ways, has seized control. The radical secular ruling class of our culture (media, Hollywood, TV, big tech, major corporations, universities, public schools, etc.) have all joined forces and no longer see a world with differing opinions, but one in which their radical secular anti-God dogma, which seeks to normalize evil, is the only opinion acceptable. And, those who do not comply with this radical secular anti-God dogma are being persecuted. They are wrapping their demand for compliance with calls for unity.

We. Are. Outnumbered!!

What can we do?

In wartime, when enemy forces are far too numerous to defeat, allied forces have one immediate choice they can make that will end the battle: They can surrender, and turn over all control to the enemy. Unfortunately, for the sake of peace, there are already calls for this surrender to Satan. But, for those who refuse to surrender to the devil and his minions, the other strategy is to drawback for a time to reassess their enemy, recalibrate their strategy and strengthen their forces.

This is why this “Let Freedom Ring” Lenten Challenge comes at just the right time.

It’s time for us to drawback and use this monumental work of “Let Freedom Ring” which, very effectively, guides us in reassessing (reconnaissance) the enemy (“Let Freedom Ring” looks at 40 ways the devil acts in our lives), points us in the direction of the very best strategy for defeating Satan, and offers us the finest ways to become spiritually and physically strong.

Please join us for this very important “Let Freedom Ring” Lenten Challenge.

I’ll end with this incredible quote from Ronald Reagan:

“We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars, and it’s been said if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening. Well, I think it’s time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms that were intended for us by the Founding Fathers.”


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