Before the Sun Sets on Our Church

Before the Sun Sets on Our Church


Something’s coming! I believe that! It has to!

We have evacuated our house of the power of God; a sense of transcendence; a belief in God’s supernatural strength.

It began with woke bishops in the 1960s who had lost their supernatural faith, and “transitioned” our Church to “get with the times” and reject, what they believed was, the embarrassing “belief” of our ancestors who lacked the superior intelligence these woke bishops now possessed (so these bishops believed). Then the politicians, believing they too were woke (believing they possess superior knowledge), emptied prayer and scripture from schools.

And so the excavation began of anything that hinted of God’s power … the emptying of our house began. The house was found unoccupied; swept clean (Matt. 12:44). The demonic gods saw this as “their time” to move in and take control. They are our new lords and masters, and we don’t dare stand against them or we will be sorely punished. We are the slaves of the demonic gods who have taken control.

For nearly 2,000 years, the demonic gods were kept from entering. They wandered in barren wasteland, waiting for an opportunity to return. Now they have returned, finding little to no resistance, for re-entering and claiming control once again. They are now in charge, as present-day apostles do their bidding.

It’s high time for us to fill our house with the power of the Holy Spirit, banishing; exorcising the demonic gods once again.


Could this recent banishing of some of the rulers of our time (hoping elections banish many), who have led the way in demanding the worship of these demonic gods, be a first move toward such a revival?

I don’t predict. I can’t predict. I can only hope that this “turning” will give more souls courage to emerge from their proverbial catacombs to stand together and reclaim surrendered ground. To make our Church, our country, our planet a house of God once again.

Please pray and fast for this most necessary REVIVAL!!