Bottom Line: It’s All About the Children

Bottom Line: It’s All About the Children

Yesterday, there was quite an online discussion about Colin Kaepernick and his choice to disrespect the flag and national anthem in his protest against police brutality. Sure, he is free to do this. But, does that mean we should always do what we are free to do? Go ahead, Kaepernicks of the world, we are free to remove our support for any organization that supports your choice to abuse our flag – the symbol of freedom and those who gave their lives for our freedom – for your politics.

Listen, I love cops. I’ll go further than that … I am starstruck by cops … I, literally, quiver in their presence, as I marvel in awe at their choice to lay their lives on the line so we can live in a civil and safe society. Is there a very small portion who are bad actors? Sure, just like there is in every sector of life, including priesthood.

Let’s be honest, this is the “issue de jure” for liberals. They are not happy unless they look down their noses, pointing out yet another thing they want to remind us deplorable red necks “we just don’t get it.” Liberalism = Pride … at least that is what it has become in our times. They are sickening snobby elitists who are addicted to prideful superiority … at least their skewed sense of what that looks like.

But, here is what is really going on … while liberals believe they are “in the know,” they are actually “philosophical lightweights.” Today’s liberal thought is stunted logic. In other words, there is no thinking through to a logical conclusion …

*Women have a right to their body … wait, babies are being killed.

*Everyone should be free to marry anybody or anything … wait, this will lead to the breakdown of civilization – the family.

*Sex is natural and people should indulge their carnal desires at any time, even outside of marriage or extra-marital affairs … wait, what about children born out of wedlock or killed through abortion or an epidemic of divorce?

*Any system – in particular, Christianity – that does not allow me the freedom to do whatever I want, should be destroyed … wait, what will keep our country from falling into anarchy and chaos.

*Our country’s symbol of men and women who died for our freedom and security – the flag – is free game in order to make a political statement … wait, what are we teaching our children about fighting for our freedom?

Go ahead … make your “protest de jure,” but when you start teaching our children to denigrate the flag; when you start normalizing sexual deviancy in their classrooms; when you seek to ruin their character with your participation trophies; when you are mocking God and elevating Satan in our halftime shows, holiday parades, awards ceremonies, etc. …. then the “Momma Bear” in all of us is something you are going to need to contend with.

Bottom line? It is the same as it always has been …. it is all about the children. Yes, stop killing them in our mother’s wombs and, yes, stop killing off the Divine Life in their souls.

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