Can a Real Witch Receive Holy Communion?

Can a Real Witch Receive Holy Communion?

I’m fairly confident the witch shown in the photo for this article is not a real witch. I am guessing this may be Mass held on Halloween, maybe at a Catholic parish with a school.

BUT, it raises a very good point …

If a “real” witch were to come Mass and, therefore, a manifest sinner who causes public scandal … should Communion be denied?

According to recently promoted “New Modernist Talking Points,” Holy Communion is not a “prize for the perfect” but “medicine for sinners.”

Practicing witchcraft is not a sin because the witch is just in an “irregular relationship” with satanism and witchcraft.

Those who believe in witchcraft are not disordered but just “differently ordered,” and we should “accompany” them without judging them.

There are, most certainly, many lifelong contributing factors that led to this person deciding to become a witch. So, in that sense, this person is a “victim” of circumstances that make it far too difficult to choose not to be a witch … not being a witch is then an “ideal” to strive for.

Therefore, according to modernists, by all means give the witch Holy Communion.




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