Fatherless Obedience by Melody Lyons

FATHERLESS OBEDIENCE Written by Melody Lyons: When a man gives his life to Christ and accepts the collar of obedience at ordination, there should be a reciprocal devoted tenderness from

Troubled and Abandoned, Like Sheep Without a Shepherd

Troubled and Abandoned, Like Sheep Without a Shepherd “Strike the shepherd and the sheep scatter” (Zec 13:7). There’s no doubt that the devil has focused his assault on the religious

Give Spiritual Strength This Year!

Growing in Our Spiritual Strength! Recall these words from our Blessed Mother in the Magnificat … “He has mercy on those who fear him in every generation. He has shown

Come Home! Go to Confession

AVAILABLE CONFESSION TIMES 24/7 Confessional I have turned the entryway of my rectory into a Confessional. Come to my front door and ring the intercom button. I will call you

Randy Mack – “What should I do?!”

Randy Mack – “What should I do?!” My good friend, Randy Mack, passed away two days ago after collapsing while cleaning his yard from the high winds we have had

My Primary Call as a Priest

MY PRIMARY CALL AS A PRIEST No matter what the results of today’s new document on the TLM (See HERE), I will maintain my passion to assist souls in receiving


MARK YOUR CALENDAR!! THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 2021 FR. RICK’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!! This is a very special birthday for me as it marks the 40th anniversary of my “one day” call

BREAKING!! Our Prayers Have Been Heard! The Holy Spirit is Bringing a Eucharistic Revival!

BREAKING!!! June 18, 2021: Our Prayers Have Been Heard!!! The USCCB just had their Spring General Assembly, and they enthusiastically agreed to “start a fire” of “Eucharistic Revival” nationwide!!! Read about

#WeAreDavid – Here is Our Sling and Our Stone!

According to Archbishop Carlos Vigano, we are facing an historical moment that sees … “The forces of Evil aligned in a battle without quarter against the forces of Good; forces of

What Approach Should We Take to Sedevacantists? Stay Clear and Pray for Them!

I am not an expert on the claims of sedevacantists. Why? It’s the same reason I stay clear of CNN and MSNBC. They are very effective in “crafting” their arguments