Ten Commandments of Secular Progressivism

When considering your vote, consider the Ten Commandments of those seeking to overthrow our country in this election. TEN COMMANDMENTS OF SECULAR PROGRESSIVES Thou shalt not believe in God. Every

“John the Baptist-Like” Voices Will, Predictably, Be Attacked

In today’s Gospel, Jesus comments on just how quickly popular opinion can change. John the Baptist’s message challenged the “establishment’s” narrative, and his manner and tone (“You brood of vipers!”)

This Chastisement – Part II: How the Bishops Must Respond

The Gateway Gift to the Divine Life Here is Part I – “This Chastisement – Part I: This Was Predicted – What Is God Up To?” For the past many

BREAKING!! Abp. Vigano Open Letter to the President – “Children of Light vs. Children of Darkness”

This letter (below) was emailed to me by Archbishop Vigano’s translator who said, “Fr. Heilman, thank you for your homily this morning. I help with translation work for Archbishop Vigano.

Worldwide Pentecost Novena Asking God for a Sacerdotal Pentecost

FIRST SHEPHERDS POINT TO PRESENT DAY SHEPHERDS Many believe this global pandemic, and subsequent distancing from Mass and Communion, has the hand of God on it. Or, at least, many

Satan’s Self-Destruction – My Take on What is Happening in Our Times

HERE’S WHAT I SEE Whether it is the culture or the Church, Satan has been overreaching and self-destructing since October 5, 2017. That was the first of the eruption of

Amazing Convergence of 3 Hearts on May 1 – Our Spiritual D-Day?

Amazing Convergence of 3 Hearts on May 1 – Our Spiritual D-Day? With increased fear and uncertainty growing, on February 28, I put out a call to all prayer warriors

St. Joseph Combat Chaplet – Powerful Intercession

ST. JOSEPH COMBAT CHAPLET The design of the St. Joseph Combat Chaplet™ follows the same as that of the original Combat Rosary™ designed by Fr. Richard Heilman, in that it

The Best Homily “I” Have Ever Given – Please Watch and Join the Movement!

Please understand me … I am not saying this is the best homily ever given, I am saying this is the best homily “I” have ever given. I have been,

Fr. Bill Peckman Offers Sage Advice for Us During this Pandemic

Fr. Bill Peckman posted this on Facebook on April 19, 2020, just as Divine Mercy Sunday was concluding. Thank you, Father, for such clarity and sage advice: What’s on my