Christmas is the Story of Moving Jesus from Stable to Penthouse in Our Hearts

by Fr Richard Heilman | December 25, 2018 11:20 AM

Christmas is the story of Jesus coming into the world as a vulnerable, needy child. Jesus wants to be altogether approachable, so he comes, not as an austere and aloof aristocrat, but as an innocent baby we are urged to hold in our arms.

As easy as Jesus makes it to “come to Him,” we see that there was “no room” for Him in the Inn. Jesus was relegated to the “last place” meant, not for humans, but for animals.

Who or what do we place ahead of Jesus in the “Inn of our hearts”? All of our earthly wants and comforts? Better yet, who do we place in the Penthouse Suite of our hearts? Those who will help us advance in employment? Those who will help us gain more riches? Those who will help us gain more popularity?

Does Jesus have the “best room” in our hearts? Or, do we tend to “store Jesus” in the garage (aka, a stable), and come out to get him “when needed?” Our lives are meant to see to it that Jesus no longer gets this lowly and last place, but is given the Penthouse Suite in the Inn of our hearts.

Let him in … he makes it as easy as holding a tender and innocent baby. Give Jesus the “best room” in your heart. Then, you will become like Jesus, making it easy for people to approach you and find room in the Inn of your heart.

Merry Christmas!

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