Clergy Must Lead In Undoing the Pro-Death Indoctrination

Clergy Must Lead In Undoing the Pro-Death Indoctrination

I just spoke with a lovely lady from Scranton. She called for help. She is beginning to “red pill,” but asked for help. Her whole family is dyed in the wool Democrats. She said she never really thought too much about abortion, until she started watching our podcast and stuff … she loves Doug, and Frs. Peckman and Altman. She said, “Can you help me understand?”

This is what I said …

“What if it was a law in our land that a whole race of people – let’s say Jews – were to be rounded up and put into train cars and shipped to concentration camps to be burned alive? Could you vote for the Party that promoted such a genocide, and worked hard to keep ‘burning Jews alive’, by the millions, a law in the land? She said, “No, I couldn’t vote for that Party.”

I continued, “And, in fact, would you do anything necessary to get the right people in power to put an end to the legalization of ‘burning Jews alive, by the millions?'”

Then I said, “The ‘science’ has long been settled that those are living babies in momma’s tummy. We have ultrasounds, now, where we can even watch those precious little ones wiggling around in momma’s tummy. The science has long since moved beyond considering the babies as only a clump of cells. Those precious little babies are every bit as human, and have the same dignity of a 40-year-old Jewish woman.

Historians look back in horror over Nazi Germany, and the 11 million Jews murdered. How much more will historians be horrified by the 1.7 Billion babies murdered under our watch?”

She said, “I understand. But, my whole life I, or anyone in my family, have never heard anyone, even priests, speak against abortion. This is all new to me.” (We talked more after this. She understands now).

My friends … this is why the worst genocide in all of human history remains … under our watch. Clergy stands aloof and apart from their call to transform the hearts of those who have been indoctrinated, much like those in Nazi Germany, into “normalizing” the murder of innocent children. It’s “politics,” they say. It’s “one among many issues,” they rationalize.

God bless the Fr. Altmans of the world who, with tenacity and outrage, sound the alarm that this evil and those who promote these evils must be called out and removed from power.

And, when clergy excuse themselves from speaking with the same fire and conviction in this critical moment in time with the tired and old “flies with honey,” just remember this lovely woman from Scranton, and so many like her who are finally being startled into a new reality, after decades of platitudes from we clergy.