Contraception and the Fatima Warnings

Contraception and the Fatima Warnings


Running concurrently to the message of Fatima and the explosion of the sexual revolution at the 50 year mark, was the advent of contraception. Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in 1916, just as the angel first appeared to the children in Fatima. It was in the 1965 case of Griswold v. Connecticut, that the Supreme Court would strike down state laws prohibiting contraception.

In 1968, Pope Paul VI would intervene with the famous encyclical, Humanae Vitae, but in Confessionals around the world, priests were told to instruct penitents to allow their conscience to override the teachings of the Church. This had ramifications that would extend beyond contraception, in that Catholics would now find an open door to let their conscience override any of the teachings of the Church.

Catholics who contracept match the 50% divorce rate of the culture. Catholics who do not contracept, divorce at a rate of 5%.

Contraception is a Class 1 carcinogen.

BUT, the greater damage done to souls was the introduction of the idea that the conscience transcends Church teaching. That is now being applied to all sin. The most recent being adultery, now allowed at the highest level of the Church.

On this 100th year anniversary of the Fatima apparitions, could the warnings have much to do with this tiny pill that has caused so much damage to our world?

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