Covert Operations – Closing Prayer Service for 40 Days for Life

Covert Operations – Closing Prayer Service for 40 Days for Life

Today, Special Forces Prayer Warriors gathered at 3:00pm at Planned Parenthood in Madison, WI for the closing prayer service of 40 Days for Life. This was a special “covert operation.” Why? Let me explain …

Last week, at the very same spot, there was a special prayer rally with some of the main leaders of 40 Days for Life.

Shawn Carney, President/CEO, 40 Days for Life, wrote:

“Earlier this week, I visited Madison, Wisconsin for a prayer rally with former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer; 40 Days for Life board chair Matt Britton; and campaign director Steve Karlen. Members of the International Socialist Organization spent more than two hours chanting slogans at the top of their lungs to try to silence the pro-life message.


Pro-abortion chants included, “We’re younger; we’re stronger. We will be here longer.” But while 40 Days for Life volunteers prayed through the night–their presence has been unbroken since September 26–the socialists went home.


Their desperate pleas to “save” the abortion facility were revealing. Madison is one of the country’s most abortion-friendly cities. The abortion industry shouldn’t be in danger there…but it is!


The overwhelming majority of 40 Days for Life vigil shifts are calm…even peaceful. Lacking the gifts of the Holy Spirit, abortion supporters don’t have the staying power to match an all-day, every day 40 Days for Life vigil hour for hour.


Instead, socialists, anarchists, satanists, and a host of other “ists” have made noise at larger campaign events, including several where our team members have spoken.


Fortunately, in each case, pro-lifers came away more resolved to stand up for abortion-vulnerable moms and babies than ever!”

Why “Covert Operations?”

The leaders of Madison’s 40 Days for Life became aware that this protest group infiltrated their email list, and was planning to turn out for every event. This meant they were going to be there for our closing prayer service today, which was originally scheduled for 4:30pm. So, the leaders of Madison’s 40 Days for Life sent out a “fake email” saying the closing event was moved to a local parish, instead of Planned Parenthood. In the meantime, by word of mouth, we told everyone that we were still meeting at Planned Parenthood, but the earlier time of 3:00pm.

It worked! Completely fooled the protestors! No protestors showed! 🙂

I led the prayer service in high winds and rain. We all just smiled and said, “Perfect! A great thing to offer up!”

Having just been with Fr. Chad Ripperger the night before, who spoke on “Spiritual Warfare,” I decided we should do some spiritual warfare right there at Planned Parenthood.

We began by praying the Chaplet of St. Michael together, as we called upon St. Michael and the nine choirs of angels. Then I prayed the long form of the St. Michael prayer composed by Pope Leo XIII.

Our prayer intention was to ask God to close this Planned Parenthood and to bless Tuesday’s Midterm election, so that the momentum toward a Culture of Life would even be accelerated. We prayed with BELIEF!

Then I told the prayer warriors that I had brought them each a bottle of Epiphany Holy Water (See all with their bottles in the photo for this article). I asked them all to empty the bottle of Epiphany Holy Water on Planned Parenthood’s grounds, and on the very same spot the protestors had been days prior.

Then I said, “This place should be closed by Thursday.” 😉

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