Does the Eclipse Mean Anything?

Does the Eclipse Mean Anything?


Here we are. An eclipse will “cross the nation,” literally, as its path intersects with the 2017 eclipse. Many are noting the timing and the many notable “coincidences” surrounding this eclipse. What does all this mean? It may mean nothing. And, for those who are noticing these “coincidences,” and are intrigued, we are certainly being shamed by the self-righteous who are quick to jump on the “most likely nothing” bandwagon in order to inflate their sense of superiority. It’s annoying and very, very sad.

Personally, I have no idea what God is doing here. But, this I know. On the day before this eclipse, another “coincidence” occurred. We celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday. Everywhere reports are coming in that Confessions lines were historically long. I personally experienced this in my own parish and surrounding parishes here in Janesville, WI. Many remarked, “We have never seen anything like this!”

Also, personally, I felt what I believe many felt, passing through Divine Mercy Sunday to today’s eclipse … “I had better get my house in order.” In other words, if Holy Mother Church is offering a “get out of jail free card” (forgiveness of sin and temporal punishment due from sin), I cannot recall being more motivated to “apply for that card.” It was astounding how many returned to the Sacrament of Confession after being away for many years!

Again, I don’t really know what God’s plan is here, but isn’t it enough for millions across America to “not take any chances,” and get themselves as right with God as is possible? It seems that is exactly what the folks in Nineveh felt was necessary, and they did “repent.”

There it is! REPENTANCE! True repentance goes beyond confessing our sins. How many of us have convinced ourselves that, even though we confess certain sins, we will likely commit these sins again? That’s called “attachment to sin.” We’ve given up. Those sins own us. True repentance is an absolute resolve to never commit those sins again, especially the repetitive sins in our lives. Many, many, many souls were in that place on this Divine Mercy Sunday, as was I.

Please, please, please let’s choose this time to break the chains of any sins that have been enslaving us!

Real Joy! Real PEACE comes when we are truly free, and when we are TRULY back home with God!

As we celebrate the great Feast of the Annunciation, when Mary gave her Fiat, her “Yes,” we are watching millions give their “yes” to God.

Does this eclipse mean anything? If millions are moved enough to TRULY come home, leaving behind attachment to sin, then it means, literally, everything!!