Don’t Despair! We Just Keep Advancing Toward Recovering Our Amazing Country

Don’t Despair! We Just Keep Advancing Toward Recovering Our Amazing Country


As ferocious as evil seems right now, and as gigantic and powerful is the evil ruling class cabal doing all they can to usher in their New World Order, we just keep advancing toward recovering our amazing country. I believe this is because of the “believing” prayers of faith-filled souls.

Just look …

* We dodged the “Hillary bullet” (thought to be an “automatic win”)

* Out of the 17 Republican candidates, we ended up with the only one who would be a wrecking ball to the evil ruling class cabal … the only one who “would not play ball.”

* Not one, not two, but three “actual” Constitutional Supreme Court Justices. Rather than the “fake Constitutional Justices” RINO Presidents were putting in place.

* Nearly 200 “actual” Constitutional Federal Judges appointed. Did you know the infamous activist 9th Circuit turned Constitutional?

* Whatever happened to ISIS?

* Renegade China and Russia are no longer dictating what America must do.

* Open borders to pad the Democratic voter base has been slowed to a crawl.

* Minorities are no longer being abused by keeping them down and dependent in order to, again, pad the Democratic voter base. A robust economy has brought the “dignity of work” which has brought the rise of “personal dignity.”

* Evil, in its panic, is being forced to “overreach” and expose just who they are. America is seeing this revolting display of evil, and it is awakening the courage of Christian and patriotic Americans. Yes, the media and big tech, controlled by the evil ruling class cabal, is being called out: “Fake News.”

* People of faith are being appreciated and even heralded by this administration, rather than shamed, per the previous administration.

Don’t despair! We are continuing to advance down the road to …



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