Elitist Narcissism – The Great Evil of Our Times

Elitist Narcissism – The Great Evil of Our Times

Elitist Narcissism – The Great Evil of Our Times

Why do I appear so political? Because I am. It’s called “working within the system.” And, the system that drives the “condition of our country” is, for the most part, politics. Once politics stays out of my faith, I’ll stay out of politics. You want to legalize the murdering of children? Then, “It’s On!”

Now, don’t get me wrong–of course, it is the power of God and our deep faith that is the only real power to defeat evil. And, I do all I can to stay as well-connected to God as I can, and I do all I can to help others to do the same. YES, we must begin with prayer! And, not just any prayer, but prayer that exclaims to God, “We are quite serious about this!!!”

St. Basil wrote:

“The reason why sometimes you have asked and not received is because you have asked amiss, either inconsistently, or lightly, or because you have asked for what was not good for you, or because you have ceased asking.”

This is why I believe in, and I am helping to lead the “United States Grace Force.” We simply must call out to God–in the most fervent way possible–to heal our land (See the story of Jonah and Nineveh).

However, there is real “work” to do on the ground … within the system. For me, I don’t think that means working in polling stations or handing out yard signs. For me, I believe it means calling out evil and doing all I can to motivate all of us to “vote evil out of power.”

To that end, I want to shine a big, bright, shiny spotlight on what I believe is the greatest evil we face in our times. This evil is the oldest of all evils and most representative of Satan himself–Disordered Pride, being “Smug” or what has been called, “Elitist Narcissism.”

Elitist Narcissism – Smug

From very early in childhood, one discovers what I call, “Playground Politics.” I often joke about this when I walk over to a group of adults at a social. I will say something like, “I want to hang with the cool kids.” Virtually no playground or school hallway seems immune from groupings of young people who long to be counted among “the cool kids.” And, what child has not experienced, at one time or another, that feeling of being excluded or not fitting in with the popular crowd? Well, maybe the popular kids did not.

The point I am making is that “Playground Politics” is so common that some count it as “natural” … a kind of “survival of the fittest.” However, many develop neuroses from this kind of exclusion.

Fast forward to adulthood, and don’t we all know that what developed in childhood is played out among adults–just under a different title: “Elitist Narcissism.” Far too many want to count themselves among the “in crowd.”

According to ALPF Medical Research, “Elitist Narcissism” is described as …

“… these individuals construct a false façade, but one that amplifies an already superior self-image, not one that compensates for deep feelings of inferiority. Theirs is a fear, not of being inadequate, but of being ordinary  Many hold the common person in such contempt that they may be said to possess traits of the sadistic personality as well … Whereas elitist narcissists revel in displays of power, the exhibitionism of raw self-assertion may also be focused on intellectual ability or the privilege of accumulated wealth; there are many ways to be swollen with aggressive confidence. Such individuals attend the most prestigious schools and academies, join exclusive fraternities, and associate only with members of their own social class.”

I grew up a “Kennedy Catholic.” But, back then, that meant that we were among the “working class” who were loyal to country, faithful in our religious practice, and attentive to the needs of those around us, especially the poor. Not too long after that, I felt like a fish out of water. The Democrats became enamored with “knowing what is best for all” with their persecution of soldiers returning from war and their demonizing of the police; their push for a kind of socialism that places the “government in charge” and, as the years wore on, I began to see the manipulation of the poor – mainly by enslaving them in dependency – to keep elitist Democrats in power. It is disgusting!

This morphed into an “ideology of the smug elite” that threw out Christian values and the Constitution whenever it was advantageous to do so. Judicial ideologues who “know better than us deplorables,” “evolved” into believing we should go ahead and kill 60 million innocents in the past 49 years, and we should now redefine marriage for the first time in civilization, and adult men should be able to share bathrooms with little girls. And we “common people” should all just sit down and shut up because the elites “know better,” because, you know, they’ve “evolved.”

What they refer to as “evolved,” we call “conversion.” The difference is that, in their Elitist Narcissism–their smugness–they count themselves as superior to–transcending–the Constitution, and even God. When we “rise to a new life” we bow to our Creator … that’s called “conversion.”

The commentary on 1 Corinthians in the Navarre Bible states,

“The spiritual man is the Christian reborn by the grace of God; grace elevates his faculties to enable him to perform actions which have a supernatural value — acts of faith, hope, and charity. A person who is in the state of grace is able to perceive the things of God, because he carries with him the Spirit in his soul in grace, and he has Christ’s mind, Christ’s attitude. ‘We have no alternative,’ St. Josemaria Escriva teaches, ‘there are only two possible ways of living on this earth: either we live a supernatural life, or we live an animal life. And you and I can only live the life of God, a supernatural life’ (Friends of God).” (Excerpt from Church Militant Field Manual).

Satan’s great tactic is to infuse this Pride; this “Narcissistic Elitism” from the playgrounds of our youth. Some are able to breakthrough to “conversion,” while others are “stuck” in this lifelong attitude of superiority.

This has infested our, once proud (the good kind), “Kennedy Catholic” party. THIS is the battle we wage in our times. This is the Head of the Serpent we plead for Our Lady to crush.