Excellent Take on the Fr. James Altman Situation

Excellent Take on the Fr. James Altman Situation

A friend of mine posted this earlier today. He is also good friends with Fr. James Altman. I thought this was profound and the most clear take on this whole Altman situation. He asked to remain nameless.

Here’s what he wrote …

Some continued thoughts and clarifications (and repeats) about my own opinion regarding my friend Fr. Altman.

  1. I love Fr. Altman and think he is an incredibly courageous, faithful, selfless, and prophetic Priest of Jesus Christ. (We need more like him!)
  2. I have love for Bishop Callahan as a Successor of the Apostles and respect him as an Apostolic servant of the Church.
  3. It is not my place to judge or condemn Bishop Callahan. It is my place to show him respect for his office, and love as a brother in Christ, and to pray for him.
  4. But as a friend of Fr. Altman, it is also fitting for me to mourn what has happened to him, because it SEEMS unjust and disproportionate. And i pray for him too. Of course.
  5. I do not know all of the facts in this case. That is impossible.
  6. It is an honest desire, one which i share with thousands of faithful, to have some better clarifications regarding this grave and seemingly draconian punishment. Transparency and truth, even if measured, helps both the faithful and unfaithful to conversion. (Today, enemies of the Church rejoice over the suspension, and that alone seems a reason for scandal.)
  7. My posts on this sad matter have been strictly my own personal opinions, of which i am entitled, fully aware of points #3 and #5 (above). My opinions may turn out to be wrong in whole or in part. Or not.
  8. Serious punishment for “divisive and ineffective” pastoring seems entirely vague and possibly troubling.
  9. It SEEMS that Fr. Altman has had the most public outcry, flack, and hatred because he called the national Democratic party out for their unbridled support for the satanic American holocaust. This is a fact which cannot be denied.
  10. Fr. Altman has been a tireless servant of the Church, particularly during the government sanctioned lockdowns. I am happy that the Bishop has ordered him to take a 30 day retreat. I believe this is a wonderful blessing for him.
  11. Saying publicly that he is required to take this retreat to “change his heart” is very confusing (and even insulting) to many of the faithful. But, then again, all of our hearts need changing. All of us. The Pope and Bishops included.
  12. I do not think one has to agree with every personal prudential opinion of a Priest or Bishop in order to love them, or obey them in doctrine and discipline.
  13. Obedience to a Bishop is a holy virtue and a special requirement of every diocesan Catholic Priest.
  14. Those who love Fr. Altman have never witnessed any disobedience from him. I think those who hate him can not point to anything he has done that is truly disobedient, but rather point to things they do not like which he has said.
  15. It’s quite easy for one who does not like Fr. Altman to take his words out of context and create ambiguous or illogical arguments regarding the meaning of those words. The crowd who hated Jesus sought to do the same thing.
  16. Those who love Fr. Altman understand him perfectly, and his words, and while not always agreeing, know where he stands, and knows he is faithful to all of the Church teaching on faith and morals. They love him for his holy divisiveness as a “sign of contradiction” to the forces of evil. (Remember: Jesus was divisive in holiness and in truth.)
  17. It is important to remember that saints did not always agree, or even get along. There are such things as strong differences of opinion and personality conflicts which enter into all human interactions, including within the Church.
  18. I am so happy that Fr. Altman has support from Bishops, many brother Priests, many religious, and thousands upon thousands of Catholics, non-Catholic Christians, and prolifers.
  19. I dont think Fr. Altman changed when his homilies went viral. Since his ordination, he has always been this zealous, outspoken, orthodox, courageous, undaunted, and prophetic.
  20. I believe Fr. Altman’s homilies went viral due to there being a place for him in Christ’s Holy Church. People love him, not just traditional Catholics, because of his Priestly life, the Gospel he preaches, the way he preaches it, the truths he defends, and yes– even his personal opinions.
  21. I believe that if one does not like Fr. Altman’s style, and personality, his passion, and personal opinions on non-faith matters, this does not necessarily make one an “unfaithful Catholic.” There are many prudential matters upon which good Catholics may disagree.
  22. It seems peculiar and unsettling that a holy and prophetic Priest is being punished while heterodox and dissenting priests go unpunished. (A comment not directed at the Diocese of La Crosse per se.)
  23. I am edified by the fact that Fr. Altman cares for his elderly parents on top of all of his other numerous duties and responsibilities.
  24. I think Fr. Altman loves being a Priest, derives joy from preaching the Gospel (even when it is counter cultural), is enraptured by protecting and feeding Jesus’ flock, is tired of the hypocrisy in the Church, courageous in the face of grave social/political evils, is more passionate than most people, is less passive than most people, and is very willing to suffer for God and God’s Truth.
  25. I do not personally believe Fr. Altman’s right to canonical recourse is scandalous or disobedient or disrespectful.
  26. I think real evil angers Fr. Altman, whether this be inside or outside of the Church. I think the source this anger is from the love in his priestly heart. I wish more Catholics, lay and clergy, would have this attentive and devoted charity.
  27. I trust the workings of the Church, even if the members of Church hierarchy err in matters of discipline, God is still at work. God is always at work. Sometimes this work of God may be to give graces to His children who suffer injustice at the hands of the hierarchy, eg, St. Joan of Arc and other prophetic saints.
  28. A good number of the recent Sciptural readings in the Church’s Liturgical calendar have seemed rather fitting for what Fr. Altman has endured. Eg, “a prophet is not without welcome, except for in his home town.”
  29. If my opinions have scandalized anyone, i am sorry. I can sincerely say that i have only tried to be honest and share my unique perspective on the matter as a friend of Fr. Altman, a Catholic nobody, and as a prolife rescuer.
  30. Again, please pray and fast for Fr. Altman and Bishop Callahan, as well as all suffering or persecuted Priests, and all Christ’s Bishops.

Thank you and God bless you.