Faith for Me, but Not for Thee

Faith for Me, but Not for Thee


I often hear of families with internal division, once somebody comes into the faith. Usually, upon further review, I discover that the one who comes into the faith ends up being kind of a turd. What I mean is that they usually flex their “faith muscle” and, whether they intend it or not, they are received as flaunting that they are “better than those without the faith.” They become “stern” in their insistence that they have the truth and all around them are wrong. There is an abrasiveness about them. Yeah, I’d flee from that too. This is attracting nobody, and it is certainly not evangelization.

What is going on here? We have a base (brute) propensity to want to be the king of the jungle. Pride. Just when we discover faith, pride takes control, if we are not careful. Then, grace is gone. Then, it becomes something to build one’s brand rather than an urgency to build relationships and build others up.

I’ve come to understand, over a lifetime, that the real “evidence” of supernatural grace on a soul is that great desire to light up people’s lives. It’s the soul that is totally welcoming to those around them. It’s that childlike desire to playfully make others feel at ease around them. St. Paul called this evidence “fruit”: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. It’s being the very best version of yourself. It’s smiling at those around you, letting them know you love them and are here for them. It’s the innocence and trusting of a child.

If your faith is more of a wedge than something attractive, take a second look at your motives/intentions. Embrace the innocent and joyful heart of a child and, for goodness sake, smile at your neighbor.

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