Fellow Strivers of the World, Unite!

Fellow Strivers of the World, Unite!

Fellow Strivers of the World, Unite!
Sermon Notes:

Are you “defined”? Is “who you were” set in granite, so there is no hope of transformation; of renewal; of conversion?

You see? The godless, secular, “disconnected from the divine” culture doesn’t know any better. This is the “born that way” culture. For them, your “history” defines you; your history grants insight into who you are and who you will “always be.”

So, we look at children … without “knowing any better,” they start out believing the world revolves around them … they must have whatever they want, and they must have it NOW! Temper tantrums are usually the first tactic children try to “get what they want.” Parents, can I get an “AMEN?”

Are these self-centered tantrums who they will always be? Well, it may perpetuate, if they are not made aware of a “higher way” we are called to live. Unfortunately, this tactic of childish temper tantrums is exactly what we are seeing in our burning streets.

Parents are their children’s first and primary “formators.” They are called to introduce the “Higher Way” of life. This is the way of humble selflessness; this is the way of “Striving” to cultivate a virtuous life in the Holy Spirit. We strive for the …

Theological Virtues – Faith, Hope, Love


Cardinal Virtues – Prudence, Justice, Courage, Temperance


Gifts of the Holy Spirit – wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord


Fruit of the Holy Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control

We see this totally non-biblical view of humanity – this “born that way” view – even at the highest levels of our Church. And, of course, we see it in the godless culture.

Who can ever forget the “Kavanaugh hearings”? Many are thinking about that, as we just learned a pro-life devout Catholic mom of 7 has just been nominated to the Supreme Court. During the Kavanaugh hearings, the basic premise of his adversaries was, “Whatever you ‘pretend’ to be now is a sham, because look what you did in high school … that is who you really are!” You see? The godless do not understand concepts like transformation and conversion … you were “born that way,” and so you will always be that way. Of course, this completely contradicts the biblical perspective of humanity.

Frankly, my biblical view of humanity has looked at this President over the past 4-5 years. Born and raised in a “New York bubble,” the “liberal mindset” for many is that “freedom” means, “If it feels good, do it … selfishly indulge all of the wants and lusts of the flesh.” That was all he knew. Of course, there are many in that bubble who do not hold that mindset, but it is prevalent among secular liberals.

His 2016 Presidential campaign brought him out of that bubble and into the “bible belt” and “fly-over States.” In essence, he was evangelized by the strong “biblical perspective of humanity” so pervasive in middle America. He met those whom are “striving”; those who are “chasing perfection”; those who are being transformed every day of their lives. No, we are not defined by our past!

Honestly? I am predicting this President will become Catholic in his 2nd term. Many, from the godless culture, would laugh at this. “Just look at his past,” they say. Unfortunately, they do not know the God of transformations and conversions … the God who never gave up on the Mary Magdalenes, St. Pauls and St. Augustines of the world.

With God, it is never “Who you were” that matters, but who you are now, and who you are striving to be. You are not perfect, dear family, but I am overjoyed to be among all of you who are chasing perfection and catching excellence. May your striving continue to inspire others to strive.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we’ll catch excellence.” -Vince Lombardi

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