Fr. Carlos Martins: “I’m Not Expressing Political Opinions, I’m Expressing Moral Opinions”

Fr. Carlos Martins: “I’m Not Expressing Political Opinions, I’m Expressing Moral Opinions”

Fr. Carlos Martins writes

I posted this (below) two years ago.

I still agree with every word I wrote. Even more so now.

At the time, Donald Trump’s opponents were asserting that his embrace of a pro-life stance was a sham, one simply to curry votes; that at heart he couldn’t care less about protecting life in the womb.

Those same opponents are now calling Trump the most pro-life President in history. (Here’s what WaPo says…/c72f2886-5e8a-11e8-a4a4-c0…)

Mid-way through his presidency Trump has accomplished everything he said he would; even vigorously defending the right to life.

May God’s blessing be upon him.


Fr. Carlos Martins’ post on November 9, 2016 …

To my Facebook friends and followers.

In my posts during the last number of hours you have seen me celebrating a Donald Trump and Republican victory. You bet.

A small number of people have written me and stated that, because I am a priest, I should not express political opinions. I have not expressed a single political opinion. My opinions have all been moral.

There is one overarching moral issue running through modern politics: the issue of whether you are on the side of eliminating abortion, or whether you believe it is fine to rip babies apart. While other political and moral issues are absolutely important, all of them stacked together do not equal the gravity of abortion. Period. One’s intelligence should easily be able to arrive at this. If it cannot, here is some help: it is the teaching of God’s Bride, the Church. That should be more than enough.

The right to life is the right upon which ALL other rights exist. The right to immigrate, the right to equal pay, the right to privacy, etc., only make sense if you are a living being. Life is the right upon which all others stand. If you disagree with this, then rather than express that disagreement with me, spend the time examining the reason for your own bias: denying someone a right which you yourself received; the right to simply live. Shame on you.

If there was a Presidential candidate running for office who wanted to “gas Jews,” or to “hang blacks,” no one would even entertain him as a candidate, no matter what the rest of his platform entailed. I am astounded why the same is not true with abortion. And you pro-abortion “Christians,” muster up the honesty to answer this: just who do you think Jesus identifies with; the unborn baby struggling to live, or the abortionist cutting into him with snips?

It is not just because I am a Christian that I am against abortion. I am against it because I have both an intelligence with which to identify evil, and a conscience that abhors it.

When politicians and/or justices made abortion legal, declaring a good to be evil and an evil to be good, they trespassed morality. Do not think that the Church must agree to that trespassing. Do not also think that we must agree to their attempted theft of this issue from the moral sphere to the political one, where they believe the Church has no voice because that would be “meddling” into politics. Horse manure. The Church is a mother. She is endowed with reason and conscience, and She is ever-ready to defend her young. And she will never, EVER, make an apology for doing so. And neither will I.

For me, this Trump and Republican victory is a pro-life victory. I have waited 8 long years for this. I know that it is far from a perfect victory. Trump has not stated that he is unconditionally pro-life in every circumstance. But he did say that even the thought of abortion makes him “sick to his stomach.” He has also repeatedly affirmed his pro-life stance. Does he really mean it? I certainly hope so. There is, ultimately, no way of my knowing it, at least at this point. Nevertheless, I will pick that over a pro-killing stance ANY DAY, ANY DAY, ABSOLUTELY ANY DAY, that I am still endowed with the good sense God gave me. Furthermore, I am ready to befriend—as well as to pray and to suffer for—any President who is ready to protect babies from murder.

Though Trump is not the ideal pro-life candidate, I will gladly take him over Hillary. At a minimum, he is the lesser evil.

Again, I have waited 8 years for this … and I insist on my right to celebrate.

To God’s Holy Bride, the Church: Mom, this victory is for you and for your children. “The Lord has made this day. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)


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