Fr. Carlos Martins’ Tough Teaching on “7 Ways Men Can Lead & Avoid the Diabolical”

Fr. Carlos Martins’ Tough Teaching on “7 Ways Men Can Lead & Avoid the Diabolical”


A new documentary on exorcism and the famed exorcist, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, has been released.

Fr. Amorth (deceased September 2016) was the Vatican’s Exorcist in Chief.

He wrote many books on exorcism and the diabolical. I used some in my own training. They were the most useful books I found.

Fr. Amorth was successful because he was holy. Many exorcists started to invoke his name on the demons upon his death, with the same effect as if invoking a saint. The demons hated Amorth in life. Evidently, in death they hate him even more.

Two links are included below. (They are not for the faint of heart, but I do encourage you men to watch them. I hope they inspire you Christian men to be vigilant in taking spiritual authority over your families and households. Many of you do amazing jobs, and positively wow me. But a great number of you simply rely on your wives, or on your kids’ Catholic schooling, to maintain faith in your households. Bullcrap. You are the spiritual authority of your wife and kids. Don’t be more religious about football than your faith. Your family members’ souls are at stake. You are God’s plan for their spiritual formation. You cannot abdicate that responsibility without their being consequences. Form yourself, and then form others. Band together with other men and learn the faith (you do for football, don’t you). Then live the faith. And model the faith. And share the faith.)

In the words of Fr. Amorth, a single Confession is better than one thousand exorcisms. The Sacraments ARE Jesus Christ. Exorcism is merely a blessing.

Here are seven BASIC Catholic theological points which, if you don’t already know them, you have been inadequately formed.

1) The seven Sacraments are THE seven ways Jesus Christ left to heal the world. Period. They are the way that He has chosen to abide in the world, to remain with His sheep after His Ascension to the Father. They are the way He Himself transform you … from the inside. Frankly, it borders on insanity that the majority of Catholics do not avail themselves of the Sacraments properly and more frequently.

2) The devil can possess you through your committing the least mortal sin. Mortal sin destroys divine Grace in the soul. All of it. It nullifies the effect of Baptism and destroys your sonship/daughtership with God the Father. This loss of divine state endures UNTIL the soul is purified with genuine contrition and Sacramental Confession.

3) Sins do not disappear through the passing of time. Sins disappear by being submerged Sacramentally in the blood of Jesus. Per the teaching of the Catholic Church (which is the entity for which Christ gave up His life to establish) Confession is the ORDINARY way for mortal sins to be removed from a soul. The only other way is through the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick (i.e., the Last Rites) which conveys forgiveness even of mortal sins should a person be UNABLE to confess his sins (e.g., if he is in a coma). God may have other ways. Though the Church is bound to God’s Sacraments, He is not. He can choose to forgive your sins in any additional way He desires. BUT THE CHURCH KNOWS OF NO OTHER WAY IN WHICH THIS CAN OCCUR. Jesus never gave any way but the Sacraments to forgive sins. The Sacraments are God’s plan to save you. They are fool-proof. You are stuck with them. Do not resist them. They are the only way the Church has to get you to heaven.

4) How often should you go to Confession? Duh. Whenever you have committed mortal sin! St. Thomas Aquinas said he was dumbfounded as to how anyone in a state of mortal sin can eat or sleep. But the Sacrament of Confession does more than just absolve sin. It gives healing and grace. You do not need big sins to go to Confession. Pope John Paul II used to go every day. (I assure you that the reason is not that he sinned mortally each day.) A good maintenance plan for the soul is to confess every two weeks. But never go more than a month. You would never go a month without having a shower, would you? Then why would you go a month without cleansing your soul?

5) If you are in mortal sin, the devil owns you. Period. Full stop. If you die in that state you will never, EVER see heaven. He can choose to possess you in that state, if he so desires. Why doesn’t he do so to more people? Why in heaven’s name would he go through the trouble? Most people–most baptized people–need no assistance charting their own course to hell. In fact, I believe that most cases of demonic possession are commanded by God so that there is a witness to the fact that God has an enemy, and that he is bent on destroying you. In others words, if the devil had his way, he would not possess a single soul, but merely content himself with his patented and highly successful enterprise of merely tempting people into sin. If his plan is to possess you in hell for eternity, then why the hell would he chance messing that up by possessing someone who is already in the state of mortal sin now?

6) Mortal sins (e.g., missing Sunday Mass, using the Lord’s name in vain, committing an act of masturbation, contraception, etc.) need to be confessed in kind and in number. Many people go to Confession and are too generic with their crimes. (I say “crimes” because all sins are crimes; God’s only Son had to be slaughtered to atone for them, after all). For example, I often hear people say to me in the confessional, “I lusted.” Lust can mean all of the following and then some:

– masturbating
– contracepting (which is the same as mutual masturbation)
– committing adultery
– watching pornography
– committing rape
– engaging in bestiality
– practicing sodomy
– etc.

What you did needs to be specified. Simply put, what are your sins? You are, after all, apologizing to God for His Son having to die for your choices. Do you yourself accept uselessly faint and vague apologies? Own your sinful choices. State to God through the priest what you did that was offensive to Him, and how many times you did it (to the best of your memory). This does not mean you need to tell the entire story around the sin, and the gory details. God already knows the story and the gore. Just give him your sins.

7) Your belief in God alone CANNOT save you (James 2:14). Newsflash: the devil is Catholic. He believes EVERYTHING contained in the Catholic faith (James 2:19). And sure as hell exists the devil will not be saved, but is damned ETERNALLY. If you are in the state of mortal sin then Satan, not God the Father, is your father, and no amount of “increasing your faith” will save you. Doing God the Father’s will is what will save you. There are no substitutes here, no matter what, to the contrary, Protestant theology erroneously claims.

Go to Confession.

You have been duly warned.

(In the latter of the two videos listen for what I call the demonic “ring.” It sounds like multiple and varied voices are coming out of the demoniac’s mouth simultaneously. Believe me, it sounds much worse live. Go to Confession.)


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