Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z) on Our Lady of Hope Clinic

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z) on Our Lady of Hope Clinic

Dr. Michael Kloess and his beautiful family, are daily Mass goers in my St. Mary of Pine Bluff Parish. His boys are my daily Mass altar servers. Please consider giving to this amazing “free primary care” clinic (the only one in all of Dane County).

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf posted on Our Lady of Hope Clinic


Sometimes people have a hard time finding causes to support.  I have a few organizations which I trust 100% for my own charitable giving.

This is one of them that I admire.  And, when I got home after being banged up by that motorcycle a couple of weeks ago, they were really good to me.  The doctor even made a house call!  He didn’t have a little black leather bag, however.

Our Lady of Hope Clinic is a CATHOLIC clinic, that practices medicine in keeping with the teachings of the Church.  Of course they treat everyone.

RIGHT NOW… they have a “matching grant” going on.  Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to the clinic from now to the end of the year will be matched, so your donation does double duty.

I have written about Our Lady of Hope Clinic before.

Read more HERE and HERE

No matter where you live, please help.  This could be a new model for health care in a rapidly changing – disintegrating – time.  Health care is going to be more and more complicated in the near future.  For the poor, it’ll be a nightmare.

  • OLHC is the ONLY 100 % Pro-life primary care clinic in (ultra-liberal) Dane County.
  • OLHC is the only free primary care clinic in Dane County with walk-in appointments four days/week.
  • OLHC provides hands-on medical opportunities to our volunteers, many of whom are pre-med or medical school students–the physicians of tomorrow.

Here’s what a gift to our clinic can do:

  • $2,500 provides 6 months of medical supplies
  • $1,000 covers 1 month of laboratory expenses
  • $150 covers the cost of 2 FREE medical appointments.
  • No gift is too small.Checks can be sent to:
    Our Lady of Hope Clinic
    6425 Odana Road, Ste. 13
    Madison, WI 53719

They have a DONATION page.

Please tell them Fr. Z sent you.

QUESTIONS? Contact Julie Jensen, Director of Development, at [email protected], or by calling (608) 957-1137.

In the clinic you see a sign on the wall explaining that
“Our Lady of Hope Clinic practices medicine consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church”

Therefore, they will not refer for abortion, prescribe contraception, refer for sterilization, refer for in vitro fertilization, etc.


“We will practice in complete accord with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.”

It doesn’t get better than that.


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