Green Scapular Story Update

Green Scapular Story Update

Last year, I shared this amazing conversion story …

I knew someone who was dating a girl he really loved. But, she was not at all interested in his faith. She was agnostic and thought religion was a sham. He said the first time he took her to Mass, she said she would never step foot in a church again. He told me that he didn’t know what to do, especially if he decided to marry her. He very much wanted a devout Catholic family. And, there seemed to be nothing he could say to open her heart to God.


I went over to a very special case I have and opened it up. Part of the case’s contents was a few Green Scapulars I had touched to over 160 first class relics of saints, including a Relic of the True Cross. I gave him one and explained he should hide it in a place she spends a lot of time in … chair, bed, car, etc.


He decided to tape it under her car.


It was almost immediately that he noticed a change in her. She became more inquisitive about his faith and more open to the possibility of this faith for herself.


Then, one day, she found the scapular taped under her car. She figured it was him and, when she asked, he admitted placing it there, and explained it’s significance.


Instead of getting mad at him, she saw it as a thoughtful gesture.


She started carrying the scapular in her pocket at all times. And, most important, she started going to Mass with him.


Green Scapular Power … Just sayin’

The Rest of the Story

There is an update to this story. This friend of mine shared that, even though his girlfriend was asking more about the faith and going to Mass with him, she would not kneel. She felt she “truly” needed to believe that was Jesus before she would kneel. This “not kneeling” was going on for several months, and my friend was still worried they may not be a match, if a potential wife and mother did not believe.

While alone in the church, he ended up getting down on his knees before the Blessed Sacrament last Saturday, as he called out to God, “God, you have to give me some kind of clear sign that this may be the right woman for me! Could the sign please be that she kneels the next time I am with her at Mass?”

The next time they went to Mass together, SHE KNELT!! Aaaaand, she admitted to him that she had started to regularly PRAY THE ROSARY!!

Green Scapular Power … Just sayin’

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