Hollywood Invoking Satan to Gain Power: I Will Fight This With My Dying Last Breath!

by Fr Richard Heilman | January 12, 2020 3:13 PM

Many will recall when this happened … on the Empire State Building on August 1, 2015 …


It’s interesting that the once obscure “actress/singer,” Miley Cyrus has risen to such great fame and popularity that she was asked to host the recent MTV awards. Her star “happened” to rise after her performance at the 2013 VMAs, when she “shocked” the world with a provocative performance¬†(to say the least), which included an unusual tongue display, while her hair was made to look like a pair of horns. Then we come to understand that she, too, was invoking Kali, the goddess of death (viewer warning for content) … see HERE[1].


Beyonce has been one of the hottest artists on the scene today. But as we’ll see, there is something sinister behind her success, as Beyonce even admits, and millions of fans are clueless as to who they are actually “worshiping.” (viewer warning for content) …


The very last words our Blessed Mother speaks in the bible, “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5). It is the only command she ever gives. And, this woman, chosen to crush the head of the serpent, has given us “THE” counter-offensive to all of the tactics of the devil (Eph. 6:10).

Anton Lavey, who started the first church of Satan in San Francisco (go figure) in 1969, promoted the satanic maxim “Do what thou wilt,” which mocks God’s desire to follow Him and obey Him (Here we see Jay-Z trumpeting the satanic call). Mary’s famous last words – her command – reminds us that the richness of God’s amazing grace (water jars turned to the “best” wine, signifying the inebriation of the Holy Spirit) awaits those who turn their lives over to God and “obey Him.”

So, yes … that’s right … Hollywood elites are invoking Satan, and drawing their power from him. They’ve discovered a “cool” phenomenon … the more they worship him and serve him and turn others to him … the more fame and fortune comes their way. Of course, this isn’t biblical at all (sarcasm).

So, yeah … it’s everywhere now … award ceremonies, the Superbowl, Holiday Parades … everywhere. I’ve been watching Hollywood do this for a few years, now, and it really bugs me! So, when your family wants to watch a football game or a holiday parade, you get treated to depravity and Satan worship. Hollywood is¬†mocking God with every kind of symbol of satanism on full display. In the past, they were notorious for hiding these symbols here and there. Now, they parade their symbols, with no fear of repercussions at all.

Honestly, I’m not sure who Dr. Henry Makow is, but I don’t dispute his assessment of the West today:

Yeah, this might be Protestant stuff, but our own leaders seem to be too focused on climate change and amnesty for illegal immigrants to raise their heads to see ISIS lopping off people’s heads, widespread genocide of our own Catholic people, the abortion industry getting away with murder, and the drivers of information and trends – Hollywood elites – popularizing debauchery, depravity and the worship of Satan.

I can’t begin to express how tired and exasperated I am of those who protest against so-called “militaristic” language used by religious leaders to stand against evil. Or those who choose to compromise, or even concede to the “infiltration of evil” exploding all around us in our culture, and even in our Church. “Can’t we all just get along,” is the mantra of weak and effete leaders who would rather have us accommodate and assimilate into this surging evil all around us, rather than fight.

Not me! I will fight this rising evil with my dying last breath!

  1. HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOA9bKUwmM8

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