How to Revive the Catholic Church – Two Approaches Confronted at the Amazon Synod

How to Revive the Catholic Church – Two Approaches Confronted at the Amazon Synod


Two approaches confronted at the Amazon Synod.

PLAN A – Restore a strong sense of “Catholic Identity” and a sense of the supernatural. This is especially witnessed in the way we offer worship to God – Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi – in all due reverence before Christ in the Holy Eucharist. In other words, restore a “seriousness” about our faith and a love for the entire treasure chest that is “Catholicism.” Why? Besides the fact that this aptly describes the history of our Catholic Church, wherever this is taking place, in our times, devout faith and VOCATIONS are booming.

PLAN B – Militate against a strong Catholic identity and a sense of the supernatural because this is too intimidating for non-Catholics. Instead, weaken Catholicism’s identity, so it does not look so different than other religions, or even those without faith. This way, Catholicism does not appear to be hostile toward the world. This will bring greater harmony among all people and creation. Even though, wherever this plan is implemented, there is a steep decline in participation (only 20% attend Mass regularly, 70% deny Real Presence), and few, if any, vocations to priesthood or religious life. The thought is that we have not “weakened Catholicism” enough, and we have not “weakened a sense of the supernatural” enough, so we must become even more radical in this approach. Throw off holy garb, dispense of devotions, downplay sin (mostly by abusing the term, “Mercy”), gut out churches, and emphasize the social aspect of “Sunday Services” (a more relatable term). This “New Church” will, undoubtably, be attractive to more people, and we will experience a HEYDAY. Again, even though this has, thus far, been an abysmal failure, the fault goes to those who have not emphasized this “New Church” enough. The time is now to double-down. In the meantime, with shocking losses, implement married priests and women deaconesses. This will also make Catholicism look more like the world, so … “progress.”

Plan A or Plan B?