I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Tired of It!!  I’m Fed Up!

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Tired of It!! I’m Fed Up!

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Tired of It!! I’m Fed Up!

Let me begin my rant with this excellent quote from Vickie McKenna:

We are at war–not with a foreign enemy, but with fellow citizens who have been taught by years of education hollowed out by progressivism to reject God and despise this nation–and blame any and all failure on everything but themselves.


50 years of politicized education. 50 years of media propaganda. Almost 50 years rejecting the innate value of humanity through the promotion of abortion. 50 years of creeping socialism. 50 years of a demoralizing welfare state. 50 years tearing down the shared morality of our nation. 50 years of consumerism. 50 years of godlessness. 50 years of selfishness.


How could it have gone any other way under these circumstances?


We were finally weak enough and divided enough to succumb. First to the paralyzing shut down, now to the paralyzing fear of violence in our cities.


And people are STILL waiting around for the government to do something to fix it.

Yes!! We Are Still Waiting!!

Where’s Barr? Where’s Durham? What ever happened to the raw evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell? What about the 33,000 emails? Benghazi … anyone? anyone? What about the “despicable lying liberal woman” and the demonic level of abuse to Justice Kavanaugh? Oh, and let’s be clear … don’t DARE be a strong Catholic (The dogma lives loudly in you, you are a Knight of Columbus?) or you will be disqualified from anything. What about few putting Trump yard signs out for fear of being ostracized or having your house burned down? Boys can share showers with girls and steal their scholarships? An 8-year-old boy can proclaim he is now a girl and proceed to the surgeon to mutilate his body? Babies can be killed at the moment of birth and beyond? Four years of coordinated Saul Alinsky terrorism on a sitting President … literally, a full-on coup d’état? Anyone?! Anyone?!

Oh, and, by the way … Where’s our bishops? I’m sure glad, after no serious pre-election alarm bells, they “now” see Biden’s radical stance on abortion as a “dilemma” (sarcasm alert) … a “dilemma”??!? And, how about that “Gladiator level” of courage in putting together a “working group” to look into Biden’s baby killing stance? WOW! They are so brave! (more sarcasm alerts). At least it’s better than another pamphlet. SMH.

Now, we hear the “Cardinal elect” from Washington DC is puffing his chest as if to say, “Bring me the public mortal sinner. I am more powerful and more wise than Catholic teaching! I will give the mortal sinner Holy Communion. Aren’t I evolved?” In today’s Church, this evolving beyond Church teaching is precisely how one is elevated. BUT, don’t dare take a stand against evil. or YOU WILL BE ostracized!

And now, the floodgates are about to open to losing our religious freedoms with a “Great Reset” in which we submit to a New World Order. We are flipping a switch from “We the People” to “We the Paupers” enslaved by a ruling class.

It is clear, we have zero leadership with any gumption for “holding the line.”

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Tired of It!! I’m Fed Up!

Please watch this amazing call to arms by Glen Beck. I couldn’t say it any better! You won’t regret these next 15 minutes: