I Miss Those Days on My Five-Speed Huffy

I Miss Those Days on My Five-Speed Huffy

As a kid, I’d ride the streets with my friends, on my purple Huffy Stingray 5-speed with butterfly handlebars, banana seat, high sissy bar and slick rear tire. I helped pay for my Huffy Stingray from mowing lawns and selling bottles of pop on the local golf course. We rode our bikes all day long as we blasted our transistor radios that played the top 10 on WISM.

We’d hear the constant news of hippies marching over and over and over again. In Madison, the hippie gatherings were on State Street. Madison was one of the two hotbeds for hippies. The other was San Francisco. Of course, it was hip to spit on soldiers returning from war.

What I observed, as a child, was a degradation from nobility to savagery. We were constantly reminded that we were only an evolved version of apes. In other words, nothing special … just another animal species. So, standards of “human decency” were tired rules from the dark ages, that did not apply to us any longer, thanks to …. Darwin. So, if it feels good, do it … because that’s what other animal species do, so why not?

It wasn’t just on State Street. I saw it in the Catholic Church. Our pastor did his best to fight it off, but he ended up succumbing to what was going on everywhere. What was that? “Brutalism.” That’s the name given to a type of architecture that flourished from the 1950s to the mid-1970s. Literally, it was revolt against beauty. In the Church, it was a revolt against “sacred beauty,” as churches around the planet were gutted out and turned into conference centers or, worse yet, types of bunkers or bomb shelters.

But, this movement away from the heights of being seen as “children of God” to aggressively promoting our “brutalism” as mere animals, extended into everything … sacred art, sacred music, and the sacred offering of the Mass. We were no longer worshipping with the angels and saints, but lining up to the feeding trough with our fellow apes. To believe otherwise was old-fashioned and just plain ignorant. No, we had broken through to a higher knowledge that contended we were just a lower species. Today, we would call that being “woke.”

Little did I know that, some 50 years later, I would be a Catholic priest, leading the rosary at the top of State Street in Madison, WI, basically calling out to God that we leave behind our brute barbarity, and reclaim our original dignity. Please join us this Friday, January 31, at 6:00pm. See HERE.

I miss those days, in the early 1960s, when we still believed we were noble, as loved children of God, called to strive to new heights of virtue, decency and morality; of truth, beauty and goodness!

I miss those days on my Five-Speed Huffy.