I Wrote Another Book – Extremely Short & Extremely Powerful!

I Wrote Another Book – Extremely Short & Extremely Powerful!


Yes, it’s a short book. In fact, a REALLY short book … it’s 3.25″ x 2″.

It’s entitled, “God Strong: How to Become Supernaturally Strong”

These “miniature books” will soon be inserted in the leather case of every one of my “original” Combat Rosaries! It actually fits in the credit card slot in your wallet.


I believe (in fact, Fr. Ripperger just talked about this with Taylor Marshall) that the war we have been in – since the progressive bishops took control of the Church in the 1960s & 1970s – is a war on the “sacred” or “supernatural.”

I believe supernatural strength is THE missing link of our times. Too many Christians are lukewarm; they have taken their eyes off the spiritual ball. We’ve over-intellectualized our faith while simultaneously watering it down.

In this booklet I teach you exactly – in the most concise and essential way – how to become supernaturally strong … God Strong!

While I have been thinking about putting together this concise teaching for some time, the final motivation for moving forward with this was my new endeavor called “Combat Rosaries for Heroes.” CombatRosariesforHeores.com

While my great hope is that we all seek this “supernatural strength,” I have a special fondness for all those who put their lives on the line to keep all of us safe and free.

The first 5,000 Combat Rosaries are in production for these heroes, and all of these will be the first to have this miniature book inserted.

I picture those who have been away from the Church for many years – mainly because the weakened and secularized version of church no longer appealed to them – pulling out this miniature book and reading about the “supernatural life,” maybe for the first time in their lives. I firmly believe this “approach” to the faith life is the most appealing way to reel back in those who strayed away over the years.

Please say a prayer that these miniature “God Strong” books inspire many to return to the faith.