“I’m Going In” – Exodus 90 Begins Monday, January 21

by Fr Richard Heilman | January 19, 2019 9:44 AM


I want to strongly encourage that you join me for a challenging 90 days, in the lead up to Easter. This challenge is called Exodus 90[2].

My friend, Sam Guzman of Catholic Gentleman, has been encouraging men to join. Here’s what Sam says[3] …

… I invite all of you to join a movement of thousands of Catholics beginning Exodus 90[2] from January 21 until Easter. If you haven’t heard of Exodus 90, it’s a 90-day spiritual exercise involving focused fasting, prayer, and other forms of asceticism, together with other men.


I won’t lie. It will be challenging, and it will involve some real sacrifices. It will change how you spend your time, how you eat, and what media you consume. But if there’s ever time the Catholic church needs men to rise up and embrace prayer and penance, it is now.


As men, we are called to lead. Let’s shake off our complacency, take up our crosses, and deny ourselves for the good of our families, the Church, and the world. Join the waiting list using the link below to get notified when the start date begins.

To find out more and to sign-up, go here: Exodus90.com[4].

I find it more than interesting that the start date happens to occur on the Vigil of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade[5]. Also, it is very interesting that as day one (January 21) begins, there will be a Super Blood Wolf moon[6]. I tend to take these signs in the sky as God’s way to lend extra encouragement.

Ladies … as you know, men are under assault. I ask you to please pray and fast for these men during this 90-day challenge. Maybe take this time to develop these:

The foundational Supernatural Strength Practices of the United States Grace Force:

To find out more about the United States Grace Force, the “Battle Plan for 2019,” go HERE[8].

And, get a Combat Rosary 😉 … RomanCatholicGear.com[9].


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