Is Murdering Babies Less Egregious Than Murdering Jews?

by Fr Richard Heilman | July 12, 2021 7:14 AM

My brain seeks logical conclusions. So, here is where my brain goes in this “Altman controversy” …

For argument sake, what if Hitler and the Nazi Party was put to a vote? The platform of the Nazi Party was that they planned to kill six million Jews; most of them burned alive. And, the opposing party was against this. Could a Catholic vote for the Nazi Party, even if the Nazi Party held other platform issues that were attractive? Could one say, “The incineration of six million Jews is not the ‘only’ issue?” Of course not! It would be a horror to even conceive of such a thing.

Fast forward to our times. Under our watch, 1.7 billion babies, worldwide, have been torn apart, limb from limb, since 1973 … UNDER OUR WATCH!! We don’t even need to talk about the same Party advocating such things as grown men being free to walk into little girls’ bathrooms or eight-year-old boys choosing to be girls and are sent to surgeons. No, 1.7 billion babies murdered – the worst genocide in the history of civilization – is plenty egregious enough.

So, we witnessed brave and prophetic priests, like Fr. Altman, openly speak the “obvious” warning, with great tone and manner, that Catholics can no longer count themselves as Catholics if they are willing to vote into power anyone who is promoting this worst genocide in human history. They must repent.

For this, his bishop responded with, “His generalization and condemnation of entire groups of people is completely inappropriate and not in keeping with our values or the life of virtue.” Would this be the same response if a priest warned thatĀ Catholics, if they did not repent, would face the fires of Hell if they voted for a Nazi Party looking to kill 6 million Jews?

Do you see what is going on here? We have been fully indoctrinated. We DON’T believe babies are just as much a person as a full grown Jew. We’re numb. 1.7 billion babies is not worse or even as bad as 6 million Jews.

Punishing a priest for warning, out of great love, that voting for the worst genocide in history needs repentance or they face eternal damnation is beyond egregious itself.

This is why the body count of babies persists UNDER OUR WATCH! Spiritual leaders DO NOT believe those babies have any value at all … they are not persons. So, no sin is committed by voting into power those who advocate murdering millions of defenseless, precious little babies.

Think about this … everyone understands that the Catholic vote is the swing vote in America. If keeping abortion on a Party’s platform was “political suicide” for gaining power, as it was a disqualifier for receiving votes, abortion would be outlawed tomorrow. Yet, in our silent and appeasing Church, up to 42% of CATHOLICS just voted for the Party in favor of murdering millions of innocent children.

Why? Because bishops are sending a very clear message that voting into power those who promote the killing of, now 1.7 billion babies, is just A-Okay, especially when they punish priests for ACTUALLY TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY, at least as serious as killing Jews.

Am I being illogical?

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