Jonah Eclipse, Northern Lights and God’s Timing

Jonah Eclipse, Northern Lights and God’s Timing

Jonah Eclipse, Northern Lights and God’s Timing

This day concludes the Pentecost Novena. I have great hope that our prayers for a “Supernatural Revival in the Land” have been heard and are being answered. Let me explain.

Recall that we began our Novena pointing to the April 8 “Jonah eclipse,” that “happened” to coincide with the Feast of the Annunciation (The day Our Lord came into the world) that was transferred from its usual spot on March 25 to April 8. See here …

Why “Jonah Eclipse”? Because some are taking note that the eclipse passed over the only seven cities of our nation named, Nineveh, while the eclipse entered the United States by passing over a city named, Jonah. Interesting, at the very least.

It is also noteworthy that this eclipse crosses through the 2017 eclipse that passed through seven cities named “Salem,” which is derived from the Hebrew word “Shalom,” which means “peace.”

Seven Salems, seven Ninevehs, seven years apart. In the bible, the number seven stands for “spiritual completion.” Seven can also mean, “Divine intervention.”

Moreover, astronomers have determined that a total eclipse occurred at the time Jonah was prophesying in Nineveh.

What, in essence, did Jonah prophesy to the people? You’re weak! You’ve disconnected from God in favor of connecting with the world! You’ve lost your peace because you seek the world’s love over the love of God! You must REPENT and return to the Lord!

“If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” (John 15:19).

In the context of the two eclipse, we might discern: “You want to find that inner peace that escapes you? Then, you must repent, turn from your love of the world and become strong in your love for God and complete dedication to His Word.” In other words, “Inner Peace Through Spiritual Strength,” or “Peace Through Strength!”

Archbishop Fulton Sheen said during a television show way back in 1974:

“Our enemy today is the world — the spirit of the world … Today we have to conform to the world or we’re branded … Our Lord said, ‘I have taken you out of the world.’ We say, ‘No we have to win the world, and to win it you have to be one with it.’

Sheen went on to say it was easy to be Christian in the three decades before his 1974 talk:

“The atmosphere was Christian; morals were Christian; there was no great problem in adapting ourselves to a Christian society. But now, when everything is turned around, these are days when the masks have got to come off, and we reveal ourselves just as we really are … Today the current is against us. And today the mood of the world is, ‘Go with the world, go with the spirit.’ Listen, dead bodies float downstream. Only live bodies resist the current. And so, the good Lord is testing us … And he is testing Western Christians with worldliness, and how many of us are falling?”

And then Sheen reminds us that our Lord said, “I came not to bring peace, but the sword! He never used the word ‘peace’ until after Easter.” He went on to say,

“The Lord brought a sword. It’s not the sword that’s thrust outward against the enemy. It’s a sword that’s thrust against ourselves, cutting out the seven pallbearers of the soul: pride and covetousness and lust and anger, envy, gluttony and sloth. And we’ve given up the sword — someone else has taken it up, and we have to restore it! Then we’ll get peace! And peace is never corporate — it’s never social — until it’s first individual.

Social peace, world peace, is the extension of individual peace in our hearts. When we are right with God, then we will be right with our fellow man. When we are not right with God, then we will be wrong with everyone else.”

I share these prophetic thoughts from Archbishop Fulton Sheen as a pretext to what I am about to say.

Just as we were entering the Pentecost Novena, in the last days of the 40 days from the Jonah eclipse, we were given another amazing celestial event.

On May 10 – Day One of the Pentecost Novena – the strongest geomagnetic storm in over two decades dazzled scientists and sky-watchers alike with a remarkable display of the aurora borealis (Northern Lights).

I never pretend to know what God is showing us through such celestial events as a total eclipse and the aurora borealis. I simply do my best to discern what this “could” mean, and whether God is trying to get our attention. And the timing of these celestial events is fascinating.

So, I find this more than interesting …

Here we are, Day 40 from the Jonah Eclipse. Sure, comets could fall before day’s end, but what is prominent in the news? In essence, a man’s man gets up and does what our “spiritual influencers” have been terrified to do. You can see where I am going with this.

It is more than interesting that Harrison Butker’s May 10 talk at Benedictine College was given just as a historic level of lights – northern lights – were blazing above Benedictine College and most of our country. It was also, as I said, on Day One of the ancient Pentecost Novena. And, just as our Pentecost Novena was concluding, the Harrison Butker story exploded and became the headline story throughout the media. Strong Catholics loved him for it. The world hated him.

I know it is easy for us to dismiss this as “a football player gave a talk,” but could this possibly be a moment in history when, as God usually does, a very unlikely candidate has been chosen to inspire our – mostly silent up to now – spiritual leaders to come out of hiding (“Come to Jesus moment”?) and to preach and teach the hard truths of God’s Word to the ends of the earth? When Harrison Butker, in his speech, referred to the men, he said, “Do hard things.”

Another “dot to connect” for me was seeing this Butker story explode on the day (Gospel at daily Mass) Jesus asks our first pope – three times – if he loved Him. Recall how Peter “played it safe,” as the vast majority of our spiritual leaders are doing now, by “distancing” himself from Jesus, seen as a threat, as he denied Him three times.

Christendom is collapsing all around us, as the world and the prince of this world are aggressively advancing with tyrannical force, ready to destroy anyone who dares stand against their “new normals” that deny and defy the truths of God. In the midst of this, a kicker for a football team, like David, stands up to this modern-day Goliath.

Please pray with me that this is more than “letting the news cycle pass,” and that this “David for our times” inspires our spiritual leaders to embrace this very same fortitude.

Let’s pray they receive this Spirit of Fortitude, as the first Apostles did, with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. With brazen courage and conviction, they went out to all the world. Yes, they were martyred by the worldly, as Christianity exploded in numbers. I am hopeful God is answering our prayers and we WILL witness a “Supernatural Revival in the Land!”