Letter to a Mother, Worried About End Times

Letter to a Mother, Worried About End Times

A mother of three wrote to me asking me to help her interpret what is being said about tomorrow and end times. Toward the end of her letter, she writes, “I guess what I’m saying is, ‘I believe; please help my unbelief.’ How should I interpret these events while maintaining hope that there is a future here on earth for my children? If we are all to die tomorrow, I know we’ll be in heaven forever (I hope). But if we don’t, how do we live in the light that we’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop?”

This was my return letter…


Dear Mom of Three,

I’m sorry you are losing your peace. There’s no doubt that things are not as “peaceful” as they were in the not too distant past, so I understand. Yet, as I stated in one of my recent articles, while I can’t know exactly what God plans to do, I am 100% sure the end of the world is not coming tomorrow, or any time in the next 1000s of years.

However, and I think you would agree with me, things are really bad in the world right now, beginning with billions of babies aborted, and the family under attack. Babies and families are God’s two greatest loves, and Satan is pinpointing them today.

So, I am hopeful God the Father, who is a perfect parent, will step in and do something to get His children back on track. It may be painful for you and me, but I am confident you and me will know the joy of seeing the results, of whatever God does … people turning back to God and the practice of their faith again.

I think these are times you and me need to have a “warrior’s heart.” We need to know that, first, we are at war with the devil and all those in league with the devil. Like any soldier, we hope the opposition drops their weapons and joins our side. But, if that doesn’t look like that will happen, we have to be willing to be that courageous warrior, willing to put ourselves in harm’s way to protect and preserve the good, the true and the beautiful.

I am very inspired by all those rushing to the aid of hurricane and earthquake victims. They are not cowering, wondering if they will be harmed. They are out there in the thick of things, doing anything they can to aid those who are suffering.

I can just tell you my position, as these events occur around us … I believe God – a loving and perfect parent – is trying to get our attention, and asking us to “rise to the occasion.” I am asking myself and others to let this time be an opportunity to draw even closer (cling?) to our Lord and our Lady … to pray more fervently, and remain in a state of grace. Whatever mission or missions God has for me as he (might) take His children through a minor chastisement, I want God to know that I am “ready to serve.” And, I trust this Perfect Parent to do what is Best for His children.

This is not a time for us to despair, but a time to courageously welcome whatever God may do to call His children home again, and assist in every way our gifts allow. I believe we are entering into an amazing new birth of faith in the world, but there may be birth pangs we may first endure.

My prayers for you and yours.


Fr. Heilman

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