Live Life to the Fullest!

Live Life to the Fullest!

One of the greatest “crosses” I bear, is dealing with people who always assume the “worst of intentions” as we strive to “do our best” for the Lord. I’ve come to understand that many of them are, in fact, clinically depressed (whether they are diagnosed or not). So, I pray for them, rather than become defensive about their relentless negativity.

I really feel sorry for those who seem to have only a negative view of the world and people … this must be a living hell for them. While I try to do all I can for them – especially pray for them – I also find myself needing to be insulated from their obsessive complaining and fault finding.

I’ve also come to see this same phenomenon in the liberal media. No matter what good intentions a conservative may have, they are relentless in “twisting it” into something negative … assuming the worst of intentions. So, I insulate myself from their “agenda,” too.

Before someone says, “it is the same on both sides,” I believe conservatives are held to a higher Judeo/Christian standard that does not allow for “twisting the truth.” While it can be seen on the conservative side, it is infinitesimal in degree, and I am always disappointed when I see conservatives “go there.”

My brother, who passed away at 22, used to say, “Life is not be endured, but to be revered.”

My dad would always say, “Live life to the fullest.”

My dad passed away 5 years ago, today. The picture for this article is my dad sledding with one of his grandkids. I think he was about 69 in that photo. 😉


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