MAHA – MAKE AMERICA HOLY AGAIN – Why We Need to Be Passionate About This

MAHA – MAKE AMERICA HOLY AGAIN – Why We Need to Be Passionate About This

When I coined MAHA, I was surprised to hear from many who said, “When was America ever holy?”

I don’t know what childhood memories they have, but this photo (below) closely resembles mine. I DO believe there was a time when America held firm to a “higher way” of living. Sure, there were pockets of evil, which there will be in all times, but this was a time when the vast majority of Americans set, as their highest priority, to aspire to reach up and touch the transcendentals of truth, beauty and goodness every moment of every day of their lives.

I can’t stop staring at this photo (below). It feels like I am looking at a work of art by Michelangelo, while I stand holding the coloring book of a mad man. What have we done?!?! What have we allowed to be done?!?!

You see?!?! Satan’s plan was crafty, indeed. First, remove everything you see in this photo – piety that humbles ourselves before God, beauty that awakens faith, belief in the power of supernatural grace – and even coax most everyone to “hate” these things (“It’s Pre-Vatican II, We don’t want to go back,” etc.), then you have removed our spiritual armor and got us to drop our spiritual weapons. Now, with little or nothing from which to protect us and build us up, we are left vulnerable to every allurement of the prince of this world.

THIS is why I am passionate, and I pray you are too, to recover the STRENGTH of faith the Catholic Church in America once had. We were meant to build upon what we see in this photo, not destroy it and start from scratch.

I love God! I love my Catholic faith! And, I love the United States of America! As President Ronald Reagan once said, “We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression.”

Let’s all work our hardest to MAKE AMERICA HOLY AGAIN!

P.S. Notice the flag in the Blessed Mother’s hands. The recovery of Faith and Patriotism will save our country so many fought and died to protect from evil invaders. Satan being our greatest threat.

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