Many Have Asked What I Want for Christmas. Here It Is …

Many Have Asked What I Want for Christmas. Here It Is …

For those who know me, they know “I think big.” For example, we have grown a “United States Grace Force” to nearly 50,000 “believing” Catholics. On October 7, 2018, there were 1300 prayer sites around the nation, and 57 countries participating. YES! It’s time to “unite” and become a “force to be reckoned with.” I’M GOING IN!

The same holds true in the war against the culture of death: We must become a force to be reckoned with!!

A little over a year ago, Mr. Colin O’Keefe, a very talented, young executive – who is a parishioner of mine – approached me to say he felt called to somehow make a difference in the pro-life mission. Because I think big, I challenged him to try to unite pro-lifers around the country into major, concerted action. I saw something special in Colin, and felt he was just the person to pull this off. Amazingly, he took me up on it! (You can read his amazing story HERE).

Over the past year, Colin has devoted 100% of his time to developing this “force to be reckoned with.” The title is “Tipping Point.” I love this name because, for me, it indicates that point in which the “Culture of Life” finally overtakes … becomes more powerful and present in our nation than the “culture of death.”

Here are the facts: Planned Parenthood raised $399.7M in donations while the 20 largest national pro-life nonprofits raised only $71.7M. Congress won’t defund abortion, but if one percent of Americans gave one percent of their income to pro-life, we could OUT-fund abortion.

Many executives of small pro-life nonprofits work long hours saving lives, have no time for fundraising, and are chronically underfunded. Let’s stop waiting. It is OUR responsibility as pro-life donors to find THEM.

“Tipping Point” is created to promote these groups and assist them in raising the funds necessary to OUT-fund abortion and do the work of creating a culture of life.

Here is the Christmas gift I would love!! …

It’s the time of year for both gift-giving and budgeting! Put pro-life giving in your budget for next year. Outside of our Church itself, pro-life is the most important cause in the world today. Give habitually to pro-life as part of your tithe. If someone looked at your bank or credit card statement, would they know you’re pro-life? We pay monthly for our living expenses: mortgage, electric, gas, even phone, internet, and cable TV. But do we give monthly that others might live?

Across the whole pro-life movement, one life is saved for roughly every $1,500 donated. Most of us can’t afford $1,500 at once—but if you start a monthly gift of $50 today, you can save a baby every 2.5 years for the rest of your life.

Tipping Point affords you the opportunity for a regular monthly gift to all the pro-life charities you support in one place, simplifying your finances and your email inbox and snail mail inbox—help end wasteful direct mail!

“Tipping Point” is AMAZING!!

Give your pro-life gift here:

Let’s Become a Pro-Life Force to Be Reckoned With!


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