Mass Times, Devotions, Etc. During Social Distancing – St. Mary of Pine Pluff

by Fr Richard Heilman | March 21, 2020 7:29 PM

St. Mary of Pine Bluff is a glorious church surrounded by beautiful, idyllic rolling hills on the western edge of Madison, Wisconsin — helping many discover a profound sense of the Sacred. Founded by Irish and German immigrants in 1854, the current heavenly Gothic style church was built in 1888.

During this time of social distancing, St. Mary’s wants to do whatever possible to continue to serve everyone in the best way possible, while remaining obedient to diocesan directives. Here are the efforts we are making, thus far …

Mass Times & Devotions at St. Mary of Pine Bluff:

During this time of social distancing, all Masses are “private” (Priest and server only). But, we have made the Masses available through live-streaming.

Times are Central Standard Time


Monday to Thursday:



Live-Streaming Found at:


ALL WEEK: Fr. Richard Heilman built a Confessional in the front foyer of his rectory (White House to right of church)

How it works – Come to the front door of the rectory and ring the intercom button. Fr. Heilman will then call you in. There is a kneeler up against his office door, with a confessional screen in the door. All confessions are anonymous.

Good to check: Fr. Heilman tries his best to be available, but may be at Mass or called away. To check on his availability, you can DM him on Facebook or call him (608-798-4644). Fr. Heilman would prefer not making appointments more than just before your arrival. Just check his availability as you are ready to leave.

Confessions Delivered:

Fr. Heilman is most willing to come to anyone, for the Sacrament of Confession, who is unable to come to him (we can stand outside your home, 6 feet apart). This is for those truly unable to travel to him, rather than for convenience, as Fr. Heilman would like to minimize “Confessions Delivered” in order to be the most available for the many who are hoping to find him available at his rectory.

Drive-Thru Sacramentals:

Fr. Heilman has made available Epiphany Holy Water, Exorcised & Blessed Salt, Blessed Candles, and Green Scapulars that were touched to a relic of the True Cross. You simply drive up his driveway, that extends behind his rectory, and pull up to his screen porch. These items are in baskets atop his picnic table in his screen porch. Feel free to walk in and take what you “need.” Please do not take great amounts, so there is plenty availability for a large number of people.

Teaching & Spiritual Warfare

Roman Catholic Man – Inspired by St. Maximilian Kolbe, Fr. Heilman has, for many years, committed himself to the use of new media to teach and inspire, in the face of so much “anti-God, anti-truth propaganda” in our times. You can find Fr. Heilman’s teaching website at:[4]

See Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s (Fr. Z) amazing teaching website: HERE[5]

United States Grace Force – Fr. Heilman has, also, dedicated himself to “Spiritual Warfare.” What is needed now, more than ever, is to grow an army that is strong in the Lord and in his mighty power (Eph. 6:10). With this greatest of needs in mind, Fr. Heilman launched a new branch of the United States Armed Forces: The United States Grace Force (USGF). The US Grace Force has nearly 60,000 enlisted.

For more information, go to Fr. Heilman’s USGF website at:[6]

You can enlist in the United States Grace Force HERE[7].

Join the United States Grace Force Facebook Group HERE[8]

Grace Force Podcast – Fr. Heilman, Doug Barry and an amazing guest join together every Wednesday evening at 6:00pm CST. You can find the podcasts at:

USGF Podcast[9]

Grace Force Podcast[10]

Address for Your GPS:
St. Mary of Pine Bluff
3673 County Road P
Cross Plains, WI 53528


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