Media Fear Mongering – I Call Shenanigans

Media Fear Mongering – I Call Shenanigans

I wanted to sit down and compile recent CDC stats myself but, of course, life got in the way. Thankfully, American Thinker took the time to do it, and LifeSiteNews reposted their findings. You can see the article here: Recent COVID Data Reveal a Lot of Good News.

The reason I wanted to do what they did here, was because I found it to be blatantly dishonest for the media to emphasize certain statistics while remaining silent on others. Here’s how the article put it:

We have nearly won the fight against COVID. You wouldn’t guess it from watching the news, but the data from the past several weeks have shown nothing less than a decisive victory over the pandemic. The media are engaged in a highly intentional and fraudulent game of selective data reporting to incite panic for political gain. If you watch the mainstream press, pundits and academics breathlessly recite the rapidly increasing COVID-positive tests and show graphics that display a hockey stick of doom:

Also emphasizing hospitalizations at near capacity:

Focusing on these two rising stats (cases and hospitalizations) is enough to set terror in the hearts of the masses.

BUT, if you add the testing data to the mix, the news is actually positive, and shows Covid is actually in retreat, as we can see how few positives there are in relation to the rapid increase of volume in testing:

According to American Thinker, “The data even include contact tracing campaigns instituted by each state that should dramatically increase the positive rate by targeting everyone whom positive cases came into close contact with. Still, the positive volume remains relatively flat compared to the number of tests performed.”

The really “good news” that is not being reported by the media fear mongers, which is the most essential news for any pandemic, is how many people are actually being harmed or killed by the disease. Here is the graph showing the daily volume of hospitalizations, ICU patients, and ventilators used by COVID patients:

According to American Thinker:

How do you reconcile the decreasing usage of ventilators and ICU beds with the increase in hospitalizations? The reason is that the hospitals, after spending months nearly empty in anticipation of a COVID flood that never happened, have reopened to business as usual. Everyone who comes in for elective procedures, trauma, and anything else is tested and incidentally found to have COVID. Studies have shown that even the ones who do come in because of COVID stay shorter times and are less likely to die than just a few months ago.

Also, medical professionals have stated that keeping hospitals at capacity is desired by hospitals. This is how they generate the most income for running their hospitals. So, “reporting” that hospitals are at or near capacity, without reporting that this is normative, is yet another tactic for keeping the level of fear high in America.

This brings us to the death rate, which the fear mongers refuse to report. This graph shows the incredible success the U.S. has had in beating the disease, over the past two months:

I Call Shenanigans!

This all began as “15 Days to Slow the Spread.” Now, we must live in fear and isolation until a vaccine is found. I call shenanigans!

For me, I began to become suspicious just after Holy Week. This was when the dire predictions did not pan out, and the curve began to flatten and even decline. This was when I began to suspect “political shenanigans” were being deployed. We are in an election year, and stoking fear and terror benefits one side of the political isle. If voters are fearful and unhappy, they will want “hope and change.” Also, if the Left can maintain a high level of fear of infection heading into election day, their ultimate “dream” of mail-in voting all of sudden becomes warranted. This is when the “useful idiots” in countless voting stations will deploy, as they have historically done, their key method of operation, which is, “The end justifies the means.” Lie, cheat and steal, if that is what it takes to achieve the end goal.

You can call this what you want, but “I Call Shenanigans!”


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