Mighty Servants Receive Military/Biblical Training

Mighty Servants Receive Military/Biblical Training


“So should it be with you. When you have done all you have been commanded, say, ‘We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do.'” -Luke 17:10

This morning, it was 7 below zero. And, there was James, as he has been every morning for the past four years (since he started serving), standing at attention, holding the door for his pastor, with a salute. As I pass by, I return the salute with, “At ease, soldier.” His hands fall to his side, and moves his legs apart, slightly … as seen in the military.

Upon my arrival to the sacristy, the Commander (Pastor) presents his USGF Challenge Coin. Then, the troops present theirs. This is an act of discipline and camaraderie.

On the side of the coin, at twelve o’clock, is the first word the priest prays as he approaches the altar to offer the Traditional Latin Mass: “Introibo,” which translates to “I will go in.” At six o’clock, on the side of the Challenge Coin, are the words, “I’m Going In,” which is the battle cry of every warrior who accepts the challenge of putting their very life on the line in battle.

Military men and women understand this. Our culture has become one of “entitlement.” We view ourselves as having rights – “just” expectations – and we expect that much is owed to us. Thus, we see children demanding what they want, spouses expecting their preferences to be respected, and the belief that the government must provide us with everything. God gets thrown into the fray as well, so that he, too, must deliver according to our attitude of spoiled children.

In the military, all of that is trained out of you. Soldiers (and my altar servers) learn to set their hearts on a “higher calling,” and humble themselves as willing servants to that higher call … as servants of God.

Challenge Coin and all USGF gear can be found HERE.


We had this video made by Back Flip Studio. You can see the precision of the Mighty Servants!!