My Dad Loved Me – This is How I Know

My Dad Loved Me – This is How I Know

My Dad Loved Me – This is How I Know

I know my dad loved me because he wanted the greatest good for me.

I have so many fond memories of dad’s sense of humor, and the fun we would have with him. We (7 children) were his everything, and he invested “everything” in our “greater good.”

But, even more than the humor and fun, I look back and see now that the real test of his love for me were those times I “chose wrongly.” In these times, he was tough and clear and quick to correct, like a drill sergeant or a good coach.

It wasn’t fun being on the receiving end of this, but it was always done, I know now, with great love … even when love meant getting in my face, like Sargeant Carter up in Gomer Pyle’s face. For those who ever watched that sitcom, Gomer would follow-up with a big smile back at Sergeant Carter. Why? It was meant to say that, “I know you love me, Sergeant Carter, and it especially noticeable now.” 🙂  In my more immature, self-centered youth, I wasn’t smiling much when dad got up in my face, but I sure am now.

Why is dad coming to mind right now? Because it’s not just dad in whom I am grateful. I am also grateful to all of the spiritual fathers out there, like Fr. James Altman, whose love is most on display when they quickly get up in the faces of their flock (“Dear Family,” as Fr. Altman says), with tough and clear direction, as they seek the “greater good” for all those who are heading in the wrong direction.

Finally, I am grateful for all civil leaders who are unafraid to be tough and clear – law and order – in order to keep us going in the right and good and biblical direction, and to keep us safe from those who seek to harm us. Toughness, in our modern culture, is automatically associated with evil intentions. I don’t see it that way, especially after having been raised by a dad who, when necessary, would get tough with us. There were no participation trophies handed out in our family, nor were there attempts to gingerly tip-toe, for fear of triggering any snowflakes. Toughness is, many times, a sign that the person is less concerned with whether we will like them, and more concerned with our “greater good.”

Thanks for your “real” love, dad. I love you, dad!

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