My Dream – “Holy Lake” Retirement Paradise for Priests

My Dream – “Holy Lake” Retirement Paradise for Priests


I was sharing this with my sister and her husband tonight, over dinner. It’s one of those dreams that you’re 99% sure will never come true but, hey, dreams are fun.


What if … one of the many beautiful lakes in northern Wisconsin (I’m partial to Wisconsin ) was set aside just for retired priests? Call it “Holy Lake.”

All around this beautiful lake would be built tiny, single dwelling log cabins (see log cabin photo below) … maybe 100-200 or more. These would each have a beautiful deck (see photo below) for sitting and enjoying nature and a friend’s company.

Every property would have its own pier and pontoon boat (see photo) for fishing or just putt-putting around the lake.

And, there would be a main lodge for fraternal socializing. Call it “Holy Lake Lodge” (see bottom photo). Of course, the lodge would also include a chapel for Mass.

That’s my dream. Okay, who wants to coordinate the fundraiser?