My Honest Opinion of Our President – And Our Future

My Honest Opinion of Our President – And Our Future


I hated Trump in the primaries, probably for all the reasons many do right now. He is crass and attacks, many times justifiably so, but many times when I believe a better strategy would be more effective. In this sense, he seemed reckless. I questioned his past and, while we should never condemn anyone for who they were, I needed to see that this is not who he is now.

While voting for Hillary was simply not an option, I also knew we needed to unite in order to stop the freight train of totalitarianism that was heading our way fast, so a third party choice was simply a “half vote” for the very dangerous Clinton regime.

Now, you are welcomed to your own opinion, but here is mine …

After getting to know more about him, over time, I believe there has always been a lot of goodness in our President, but he was subjected to and influenced by the New York bubble. And, I believe he was caught up in that.

But, what captivated me was watching “redemption in action” as he campaigned outside of that bubble, and became enamored with the “heart of America.” Most of us are simple in our approach to life. God has set us on earth to make a difference, and we all work that out in our daily lives, mostly through raising good faith-filled, patriotic citizens. We celebrate our “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.” We love God and we love all of the beautiful American traditions … from 4th of July parades to outdoor Christmas decorations to recreating in God’s beautiful American landscape. Most of us are church-goers, out of a desire to praise and thank God. We firmly believe in values and ethics and virtues and such things as honesty and forgiveness. While we enjoy our freedoms, we are among the first to sacrifice those as we rush to our neighbor’s aid when they are in need. We are Americans!

I believe our President came out of his bubble and fell in love with us. And, I believe he came to understand that this classic “Americana” was not only right, but necessary in order for our culture to survive. He left a self-centered world and discovered an other-centered world. And, from that point on, our President fought hard for this “other-centered Americana.” We all felt that love and fighting spirit in our President, and we all became a united family together.

But, here was the problem. The dishonest self-centered world wanted to “run the world.” And, our President would have none of it. In his determination to fight for you and me, this man was a wrecking ball to the ruling class, and became the greatest threat to self-centered’s momentum toward totalitarian rule.

And so, the four year coup d’état (attempt to overthrow) was set in motion, once this “real and present danger” to the ruling class was seen for who he was – A Fighter.

Living through these past four years, I am like most who say we have never seen anything like this in the history of America. From the Russian hoax – engineered by Clinton and her minions – to the first phony impeachment, to this second impeachment just now.

And, who can deny that this past election year was historic, in that a virus was politicized and domestic terrorism was incited, all in the name of overthrowing our President … and us.

Add to this, nearly half of America believed the Democrats stole the election, and now this totalitarian regime, who owns and operates all of the levers of influence, has managed to criminalize the questioning of the election.

From Breitbart

“There’s another way to look at this… only 41 percent are certain the election was not stolen from Trump.


The partisan breakdown is not exactly what I expected with 75 percent of Republicans — 75 percent! — saying it is very (61 percent) or somewhat (14 percent) likely the election was stolen.


Get this… 30 percent of Democrats — Democrats! — say it is very (20 percent) or somewhat (10 percent) likely the election was stolen from Trump.


Of course, 69 percent of Democrats say it is not at all (61 percent) or not very (8 percent) likely the election was stolen from Trump. Still, that 30 percent of Democrats who say it was stolen is pretty remarkable.”

Criminalizing those who are seeking the truth … wanting to understand exactly what happened in this past election … is the very playbook of totalitarian regimes. We are not to know the truth … we are to sit down, and shut up, and obey! More to it, having all of the levers of influence, this evil totalitarian regime has painted you and I as an evil mob who will be punished for showing any association to President Trump.

Totalitarianism is defined as a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state. If this doesn’t define what we have just seen come into power, I don’t know what does.

Listen, I often get accused of being political. I don’t see it that way. As a spiritual leader, I “actually” care about my flock. So, I will do all that I can to warn them of the wolves, counter the lies of the wolves, while I do all that I can to secure the safety of my flock. Securing their safety includes propping up and supporting every formidable force available to keep them safe. This is why I believe it is my sacred duty to call out lies, speak the truth and join forces with anything or anyone that will work to keep America as the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”

Before I conclude, it is with deep sadness that I say that I want to extend my deepest apology on behalf of all spiritual leaders who did not do near enough to keep the wolves of this evil totalitarian regime from entering the gates and devouring the flock, as is what just occurred. Yes, I include myself. I will forever be asking myself, “What more could I have done?!” Literally, I would lay down my life, my reputation and my priesthood for my sheep. I love you all more than you will ever know.

We must not despair. We have God and His mighty power on our side. We may have to face historic persecution, as you and I are now the enemy, especially as many allies, in their treachery, have chosen to ingratiate themselves with this evil totalitarian regime. But, just as the history of our great nation has shown, heroes will rise onto this battlefield, and we will reclaim our beautiful America again. I believe that!

I’ll conclude with these beautiful thoughts by Michael Hichborn, who is the President of the Lepanto Institute …

“We are surrounded on all sides by a vicious enemy who seeks to murder innocence, destroy faith, and pervert Truth. From a purely human standpoint, the powers of darkness have obtained complete control over the world and the Church, and are poised to annihilate Christianity altogether.


But this is right where Our Lady wants the enemy to be. Why? Because with all institutions apparently conquered, there is now no human way to achieve Victory, which means that the Victory to come will be universally recognized as Hers. As she promised, “In the end, MY Immaculate Heart will triumph.”


Our Lady has not abandoned us, but drawn all Her children together so that we can have front row seats to the glory of Her Victory, in whatever form it may come.”


“They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. They can’t get away from us now!” – Chesty Puller