My New Puppy, The Annunciation & God-Incidences

My New Puppy, The Annunciation & God-Incidences

My New Puppy, The Annunciation & God-Incidences

As many of you know, by now … I got a puppy. 🙂

In the weeks leading up to picking her up, I searched for puppy names. As I viewed a page full of names, “Gracie” jumped out. Why? Because I lead the United States Grace Force, now 75,000+ enlisted (See HERE and, please enlist). Perfect name!!

So, the day came (this past Tuesday) to drive out to South Dakota to pick up Gracie. When I met her, she was ten times more than I could ever hope for. She is pure love, joy and she is perfectly at ease with everyone she comes in contact with. Much like the Fruit of the Holy Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Gentleness, etc. (Galatians 5:22-23).

Driving home with her, my thoughts went to my other two Bernese Mountain Dogs (nicknamed, “Berners”) I was blessed to have. They both lived around ten years, which is a good long life for this breed.

I named my first Berner, “Angel.” I always liked that name for a dog. Angel and I would go up to Blue Mounds State Park, especially during the year a strip club opened across the street from our church. I would tie Angel off to the base of a lookout tower, as I climbed to the top to look out over my parish and pray over it. I always got to the top of the tower before dawn. After my prayers, I would come down from the tower, and Angel and I prayed as we walked the trails on top of Blue Mounds. By the way, Blue Mounds is located next to “Mt. Horeb,” WI. Recall Moses ascending Mt. Horeb to meet God. We did this every morning for seven months. The strip club closed, praise God!!

With my second Berner, I was so in love with Our Lady, that this puppy got the name, “Lady.” Lady was very affectionate, and very protective. She would always warn me when anyone approached the rectory. This came in handy with my 24/7 rectory confessional because her warning always gave me enough time to set up the kneeler, etc. before the penitent rang my intercom. It was always as if Lady was saying, “Get the confessional ready, dad, here comes another one!” 😉 But, it was especially this past year that Lady was intensely protective. It’s as if she knew there was a global pandemic and terrorism in the streets. Lady followed me everywhere, even into the bathroom. I noticed it as very strange, but adorable. I would often say to her, “Are you my protector?”

So, I went from a “Mountain Top Prayer Partner – Angel” to a “Tender Loving Protector – Lady.” Now I have Gracie.

Then, while driving home from South Dakota with my new puppy, the thought came to me LIKE A SHOT! Angel then Lady then Gracie! Oh My Gosh! The three together make the “Angelic Salutation!” or the “Annunciation!” Then, then, then … a few days later, I begin to prepare for this Sunday’s homily, and THERE IT WAS!!  THE ANNUNCIATION!!

The angel Gabriel was sent from God
to a town of Galilee called Nazareth,
to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph,
of the house of David,
and the virgin’s name was Mary.
And coming to her, he said,
“Hail, full of grace! The Lord is with you.”

The “ANGEL” comes to Our “LADY” and greets her with “Hail, full of GRACE!” WOW!!

“The recourse we have to Mary in prayer follows upon the office she continuously fills by the side of the throne of God as Mediatrix of Divine grace.” – Pope Leo XII

So, the first Sunday, when I would introduce Gracie, the Gospel containing the verses with the “Annunciation” appear. Wow, just Wow!

Doug Barry gets a kick out of me always saying, “You just can’t makes this stuff up!” 😉


Of course, I was able to incorporate all of this in this week’s sermon.

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